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Promise, engagement, wedding, party, invitation… Are you invited or host? Which season, which place? When these exciting concepts entered our lives, the first thing that bothered us as women was “what will I wear?” Of course there is a question. In order not to turn these "questions" into a "problem", first of all, "how should the choice of evening dress be?" We must find the answer.

“How should the fabric be? Satin evening dress or linen? Should we prefer an A cut or does it make our fish model lines look nicer? Is it a necessity to choose long-sleeved evening dresses in winter?” As you can see, as we dig deeper, we encounter new questions rather than answering them. In fact, do we realize that we have to look at the key point that can solve almost all of our questions?

So what is the key point? “We” that is “our body” of course! So all we need is a “mirror” and our “eyes” that can look objectively. If our materials are ready, we start, ladies!

We are now alone with our eyes, which do not judge you in front of our mirror, but at the same time pass without wearing your “pink glasses”. What do you see there? Do you have any information about the popular concept of recent years "proportion"?

What is this proportion sir? In general terms, we can think of it as the ratio of our body parts to each other. In other words, these are the things we encounter in our daily lives, in the most understandable way, without confusing. When we put on our “judge glasses”, we say, “Oh my hips are drawn to my mother”, “oh how thick is my waist!” “Oh, if only my butt wasn't like wood, no skirt suits you!” "Even though I'm not short, I wish I could wear these princess evening dresses too". Well, we actually know what the proportion is!

Okay, now that we have solved the concept of proportion, let's see what we can do with the data, what kind of choice we should follow.

We became acquainted with our bodies, next “should we follow fashion or fashion us?” We need to solve the problem. Maybe we can even find a middle ground, what do you think?

In fact, there is no need to go too far in this regard; no matter how beautiful the outfit is, no matter how well it looks on our model friend when you first saw it, there is a high probability that this mistake will make you look bad when you choose and wear clothes that do not fit your proportions. In order not to experience this situation, we should know your body well and dress accordingly.

This issue is even more important in evening dresses. Because in invitations, everyone puts forward their own claim, not just their claim. For this, of course, we should reflect the “best” version of your body as well as your own style.

Body types; It is divided into Apple type, Pear type, Hourglass and Rectangle. So what will this information do for us? That we get our “best” self, of course.

With this information we have learned, “How to Choose the Right Evening Dress?” “Important details in choosing evening dresses?” Well; We can talk about the "correct use of evening dress" situations.

Evening dresses, graduation dresses, engagement dresses, wedding dresses, satin evening dresses, black evening dresses, short evening dresses, mini evening dresses, midi evening dresses… There are so many types when it comes to “evening dresses”, isn't it?

Now, without allowing any confusion, we will go directly through the evening dresses of our Ns Sposa brand.

Tiana Balloon Sleeve Mini Heart Collar Dress

Tiana Balloon Sleeve Mini Heart Collar Dress is the biggest savior of those who are not tall. It is very easy to create an illusion that makes your legs look longer with mini dresses.

Gia Selina Frill and Button Detail Strapless Dress

One of the most demanded evening dresses of the Ns Sposa brand, Gia Selina Frill and Button Detail Strapless Dress and similar models camouflage your waist and belly area, as well as help these areas look more elegant than they are. Of course, our pear-shaped bodies, whose excesses are gathered in the lower region, reveal the thinness of our waist regions and completely camouflage the lower region, focusing all attention on the upper region.

Karina One Sleeve Deep Slit Satin Evening Dress

One of the Special Design dresses of the Ns Sposa brand, Karina Single Sleeve Deep Slit Satin Evening Dress is an evening dress that pleases those who have a rectangular body type and complain about the lack of lines. Thanks to this model and fabric, you will love your lines!

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