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Velvet Evening Dress Models

Velvet evening dress models are designed in different patterns and colors.

Velvet dress designs, which are frequently preferred especially in winter, have a structure that will keep you warm in cold weather.

Dresses designed from velvet fabric have a luxurious appearance and soft texture.

Velvet dresses are not flexible due to their structure. If your body measurement is larger than size 42 , plus size velvet dresses will be a better choice for you.

Velvet Long Evening Dress

Long velvet dresses help you look much taller. You can increase your body length even more by getting support from high platform heels that will not be visible under your dress.

Velvet Mini Evening Dress

Velvet mini dresses have a bold design that emphasizes your leg shape and height. Short velvet dresses will look very nice, especially if you have thin and long legs.

Velvet Fishnet Evening Dress

Velvet fishtail evening dress models have a design that hugs your body and highlights your lines. Especially people who want to highlight their body curves can choose these designs.

Velvet One Shoulder Evening Dress

One-shoulder velvet evening dress models are designs that cover only one of your shoulders. This model can be preferred by people who want to create a striking image and movement, especially in the upper area.

Velvet Evening Dress Color Options

Velvet evening dresses can be designed with different colors, patterns and embroideries. Velvet dresses generally appear in certain popular colors. Patterned velvet dresses sometimes combine different colors in a single dress.

Additionally, glittery velvet dresses, which have recently been designed by embroidering on fabrics of different colors, also look very good in various color tones.

Black Velvet Evening Dress

Black velvet evening dress models stand out as elegant and passionate designs. Velvet, which is in very elegant harmony especially with dark colors, offers a very eye-catching look when combined with black.

Burgundy Velvet Evening Dress

Burgundy velvet evening dress models offer a stylish and romantic look. Burgundy, a dark but eye-catching tone, can be a harmonious duo with velvet fabric.

Purple Velvet Evening Dress

Purple velvet dresses have a modern and stylish feel. Purple tones are one of the colors that are most compatible with velvet.

Navy Blue Velvet Evening Dress

Navy blue velvet evening dress models offer a bright and eye-catching look. When the structural shine of the dark blue color is combined with velvet fabric, a much more crucial combination will occur. Navy blue velvet dresses are a very good choice, especially for evening events.

What are the Prices of Velvet Evening Dresses?

Velvet evening dress prices vary depending on fabric type, materials, embroidery and weaving details. Especially the prices of new season and trendy velvet evening dresses may be slightly higher than the general average.

Again, the prices of specially designed velvet evening dresses are slightly more variable than the general average.

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