2023 Bridal Makeup Trends

2023 Gelin Makyajı Trendleri

The Most Preferred Bridal Makeup Models in 2023

Bridal accessories and make-ups also change from year to year, just like wedding dress designs that change every year. In 2023 and from the recent past, bridal makeup has undergone some evolution compared to the past.

2023 Bridal Makeups

Bridal makeup has become much more natural today than in the past. In 2023, much lighter bridal makeup is preferred. The reason for this is that soft bridal makeup can both bring the wedding dress to the fore and offer a more natural look. It is possible to achieve a much more modern stance when the bridal make-up is preferred plain .

Porcelain Bridal Makeup

Porcelain bridal makeup is preferred especially by brides who have problems with their skin and whose skin type does not accept normal makeup. It is an ideal and permanent solution for people who do not want to deal with problems such as vomiting of make-up on the skin.

It is also a good choice to apply this method in bridal makeup applied for photo shoots. In this way, a much more perfect image will emerge in the photos taken. It is also important to have this application done by expert make-up artists.

Simple Bridal Makeup

This make-up style, which is preferred by brides who prefer a simple look in face make-up, will offer a very good look when used in the right tones. Soft make-up types, which are an ideal choice for every bride, are preferred quite often today. It offers a much more modern look for brides compared to the heavy make-up used in the past. While doing this make-up style, you can choose your lips in more nude tones by keeping the eyes more prominent. Especially gray and earth tones are an ideal choice for eye make-up.

Hijab Bridal Makeup

When bridal make-up is used with veiling, it should be preferred more plain and elegant than other make-ups. By applying applications that will reveal the beauty of the face, a simple and remarkable image can be obtained. By emphasizing the eyes most on the face, more tones can be preferred on the lips and cheeks.

What Should Be Considered While Making Bridal Makeup?

Leave it to the expert

When it comes to an important institution such as marriage, we discuss many details from choosing a wedding dress to hair-make-up with our friends and other relatives until the day of the ceremony. Although the recommendations we receive excite us, it is useful to leave the selection of the make-up style that will suit our face 80% to the experts.


Previously, make-up was also applied to the place where the hair was made, and this job was handed over to fate. Nowadays, of course, this situation can be experienced frequently if we trust the meticulousness of the work in the hairdressing salon we go to. Most importantly, one of the important criteria when choosing a hairdresser, make-up studio or freelancer is to rehearse. Even if there is no such alternative in hairdressers, you can try to create this situation by talking.

Choose the makeup that suits you

You have chosen the make-up of your dreams, but it is important to remember that many factors should be evaluated before adapting this make-up. Together with the make-up specialist, you should choose the make-up that fits your wedding dress, hair and most importantly, your facial features. However, it is also worth remembering to choose the makeup that fits your aura and reflects you. For example, if you have a bohemian style and you reflect this in every area of ​​your life, we recommend that you do not go beyond your style that creates your aura on your wedding day.

Know the products used

It is important to ask about the products of the specialist who will do your make-up beforehand and choose accordingly in order to make your make-up permanent, to stay smooth in the photos, and of course to know that it is made with the products of reliable brands. Of course, if you wish, it may be possible to have make-up with your own products, it is useful to ask.

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