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Please fill in the application form below clearly and completely and with a wet signature in order to fulfill your request within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“ Law ”). Singing. Ltd. Sti. (Cemalpaşa Mh. Gazipaşa Blv. Gen Plaza No: 45/A Seyhan / ADANA) by registered mail with return receipt or send the relevant form to info@nssposa.com.tr with secure electronic signature.

We will respond to your application as soon as possible and within 30 days at the latest from its receipt by us. If the information and documents you have submitted to us are incomplete or incomprehensible, we will contact you in order to finalize your application correctly.

  1. Identity and Contact Information of Personal Data Owner

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Your Relationship with Our Institution

(such as business partner, employee candidate, ex-employee, third-party company employee)

  1. Information on the Choice of the Right to be Used by the Personal Data Owner

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If your Institution processes personal data about me, I request information about these data processing activities.

If your Institution processes personal data about me, I would like to learn the purpose of processing and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose of processing.

If my personal data is transferred to third parties at home or abroad, I would like to know these third parties.

I think that my personal data has been processed incompletely or incorrectly and I would like them to be corrected as stated in heading 3.

Although my personal data has been processed in accordance with the law and other relevant laws, I want my personal data to be deleted.

I would like my personal data, which I believe to be incomplete and incorrectly processed, to be corrected by the third parties to which it was transferred, as stated in the heading number 3.

I want my personal data, which I requested to be deleted, to be deleted by the transferred third parties.

I believe that my personal data processed by your institution is analyzed exclusively through automatic systems and as a result of this analysis, there is a result against me. I object to this conclusion.

  1. Explanation About the Request

(Please specify your request under the Law and the personal data subject to your request in detail.)

  1. appendices

(Please indicate if there is any document you want to show as a basis for your application.)

  1. Please Select the Method of Notifying You of Our Response to Your Application:


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  1. Statement by the Applicant

This application form has been prepared in order to provide an accurate and legally timely response to my application by determining my relationship with your Institution and, if any, my personal data processed by your Institution. In order to eliminate the legal risks that may arise from illegal and unfair data sharing and especially to ensure the security of my personal data, your Institution has the right to request additional documents and information (copy of identity card or driver's license etc.) I promise. I accept, declare and undertake that your Institution knows that it does not accept any liability for such false information or requests originating from unauthorized application, in case the information regarding my requests submitted within the scope of the form is not correct and up-to-date or an unauthorized application is made. All responsibility arising from unlawful, misleading or false applications belongs to me.

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