Secure shopping

Privacy & Security
Guaranteed Knowledge Transfer
NS SPOSA uses the most advanced security software of technology. Therefore, the risk you take when giving us your credit card information is as much as the risk you take when making a transaction from a secure bank's website.

Secure shopping
Our site uses the latest versions of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) technologies.
All information exchange is under SSL security and all data flow is encrypted. No one can see your card number at all. Money transfer transactions are made over Vpos, using the world standard SET protocol.
It will not be possible to use cards that have exceeded the limit, been reported as fake or stolen.

How Do You Know If Your Browser Is Safe?
If your browser is running in safe mode, there will be a *lock* or *key* to the right of your bottom navigation bar.
Or you can look at the url that your browser is displaying. Here it will write *https* instead of *http*.