about us

By saying 'Everything you can imagine is actually real' , combining his brave and free spirit with his rehearsal-design experience.

It prioritizes the understanding of simplicity, happiness and quality based on the basic patterns formed over the years.
With its brand identity and value, NS SPOSA meets its customers in 'Istanbul', 'Izmir' and 'Adana' in the country, and 'London' branch with the happiness of being one step closer to its global expansion targets abroad.

NS SPOSA, which is traditional but fed with seasonal trends, prioritizing quality service-reasonable price understanding,
It offers luxury to its customers with 'Evening Dresses', 'Wedding Dresses' and 'Special Designs'.
In addition, with the aim of achieving fast and comfortable shopping as a requirement of modern times, it has offered its online store to your liking all over the world without worrying about the body.
She designs dresses in which her customers will feel comfortable and peaceful by adapting the fashion and trends in the dresses she designs.
NS SPOSA , which aims to be the choice of fashion lovers every season and every season,

It allows you to be comfortable and stylish at the most special moment of your life with its wedding dress models, and on special occasions and graduation times with its Evening Dresses.
As the NS SPOSA family, our priority is to know the dreams of our valued customers, to get to know you closely and to determine our new designs accordingly.

In this direction, our customers, who are included in the NS SPOSA family, will have the privilege of being a member of a large family with a wide range of products, with new brands and trends increasing day by day...

NS SPOSA , which does not compromise on its innovative approach and creating its own style, continues its adventure by pushing its dreams with its growing and expanding family by gaining a different place in the fashion sector...