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Special Design Dresses

What is a Special Design Evening Dress?

Specially designed evening dress models are our dress collection that is completely personalized according to your measurements. Special design models of evening dresses , produced from different colors and fabrics and designed in a unique style, are available only in its own brand with the NS Sposa patent.

After choosing a specially designed dress model, you can share your body measurements with us and have the model you like prepared according to your own measurements.

What are Special Design Evening Dress Models?  

Our specially designed dress models consist of evening dresses that are meticulously produced in our workshop, in line with the latest trends and that fascinate with their unique lines. Size sizes in designer evening dress models generally range from size 36 to size 50 and are completely personalized according to your measurements.

Specially designed evening dresses consist of various models to suit different concepts.

Special Design Evening Dresses

Specially designed evening dresses consist of unique models with dazzling designs at events. Specially designed evening dress models ; It can be easily preferred at wedding receptions, gala nights or special events. Special design models offer a wide range of options and you can choose from short, long or midi length dresses according to your preference.

Special Design Engagement Evening Dresses

Specially designed engagement dress models consist of stylish and elegant designs that brides prefer when taking their first steps towards marriage. When choosing specially designed engagement dresses, you can choose colors that offer both a naive and magnificent look. The most popular colors in engagement dresses are; white, cream, powder and light pink tones. The most popular engagement dress models are; midi or long models.

Special Design Henna Dresses

Specially designed henna dresses consist of magnificent models that can be preferred in different colors and designs. Henna dresses, which generally consist of slightly fluffy models, are often preferred in red and its shades. Although fluffy models are most preferred, fish models with a shiny or sparkling appearance are also frequently preferred.

Special Design Graduation Dresses

Specially designed graduation dresses consist of elegant models that are frequently preferred at high school and university graduation balls. When choosing a specially designed graduation dress model, it is also important that people choose according to their age. The dresses to be worn for high school and university graduations can be chosen according to the average age of the people.

How Should You Choose a Specially Designed Dress?

When choosing a special design model for evening dress , you can take different factors into consideration and make your choice accordingly. Before choosing a specially designed evening dress, you should find the design that suits your body type. After choosing the model that best suits your body type, you proceed with this model and the dress is re-sewn according to your measurements.

Specially designed evening dresses can be found in different colors and designs. The special design model you choose should suit the concept of the event you will attend or organize. You can choose your color and model in line with the theme of the concept.

Another important factor when choosing a specially designed evening dress model is to give your body measurements correctly. You will need to take your own measurements when ordering through the site. It is important that the correct measurements are provided before the dress is sewn according to your measurements. If you provide your correct body measurements, you will be able to wear the evening dress model you like in a completely personalized form.

You can get support from our support line for specially designed evening dress models that you order from our website, or you can have a face-to-face meeting by visiting our Istanbul, Adana or Izmir showrooms.

What are the Prices of Special Design Evening Dresses?

Specially designed evening dresses are models that stand out with their different designs and detail features. The prices of specially designed dresses vary depending on the materials and fabric used. Small changes you want to make may also make a difference in the price. Special designs are sewn according to your measurements and no price difference is charged for personalization.

You can order NS Sposa's unique and original Special Design Dress models from our website, and also get support about your measurements from our support line . You can also visit our Istanbul, Adana and Izmir showrooms to examine our specially designed evening dress models and get help with your measurements.