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Evening Dresses

Evening Dress Models

Evening Dress can be preferred in different lengths including mini, midi and maxi length. Evening dresses designed in different patterns and colors according to the concept are divided into different categories. It is possible to find unique and elegant evening dresses with different details in the evening dresses category.

Long Evening Dress

It is possible to find long evening dress models in different colors and patterns. These dresses are designed in different themes depending on the concept, and the person who chooses them can choose accordingly. Long evening dresses are offered in different designs according to invitations such as engagement, wedding invitation, wedding, graduation ball and special events. Evening dresses are mostly designed in long models.

Short Evening Dress 

Short evening dresses are frequently preferred, especially at after parties, graduation balls and engagement events. Short dresses are frequently preferred, especially at cocktail events. It is possible to find short dresses in different colors and patterns depending on the concept they will be used in.

Mini Evening Dress

When the evening dress is designed as a mini, it is frequently preferred, especially at after party events. Mini dresses, like short dresses, are very suitable for cocktail events. You can easily use mini dresses at graduation ceremonies, proms and cocktail events. When choosing mini evening dresses, you can choose colors and patterns according to the concept.

Draped Evening Dress

Draped evening dresses feature textured details created by carefully folding or twisting the fabric. Draped evening dresses have a style that adapts to the body and emphasizes the figure. Color and length options can be wide and are often preferred at special events, receptions or evening parties.

Strapless Evening Dress

Strapless evening dresses are generally designs that leave the shoulders exposed and have a strapless top or thin straps. These styles of dresses usually fit snugly to the body and often flare down from the waistline. Lengths can be mini, midi or long. Color and pattern options may vary. Strapless evening dresses are a popular choice for those who want to achieve a stylish and striking look and are especially preferred at special events or night outs.

Floral Evening Dress

Floral evening dresses usually convey a romantic and elegant atmosphere. In this type of dresses, floral patterns are usually applied as prints on the fabric. You can choose the cut and style of the dress according to your preference. Lengths can be mini, midi or long. You can choose between body-fitting or looser-cut models.

What are the Fabric Types for Evening Dresses?

In addition to the color and length of evening dresses, the types of fabric used are also very important. Fabrics are designed from different fabrics according to the theme in which the dress will be used.

Satin Evening Dress

Satin fabrics are an indispensable element in evening dresses and evening dresses today. Satin, whose most striking feature is its shine, has a soft, slippery and smooth structure when touched. When looked at technically, we see that the woven weave, unlike other basic weaves, has connections distributed without touching each other.

The fabrics used in the production of satin evening dresses are generally produced from materials such as silk, nylon and polyester. Satin texture is achieved with a special weaving technique, which provides a shiny and smooth appearance on the surface of the fabric.

Sequined Evening Dress

When looking for stylish evening dress models, one of the most preferred designs is dresses with sequin fabric. Sequined evening dress models are indispensable for night events with their sparkle and shine.

Chiffon Evening Dress

Chiffon evening dresses are a great option for those who want to achieve a light, slim and elegant look. These dresses have a very airy appearance and are very comfortable to wear. Chiffon dresses with a flowing structure are especially ideal for summer night invitations. These dresses appear in different designs depending on the concept.

Lace Evening Dress

When looking at elegant evening dress models, one of the most striking models is lace evening dresses. Lace fabrics add both elegant and noble appearance to the dress.

>Lace models are ideal for both day and night invitations, and their use may vary depending on the concept.

Shiny Fabric Evening Dress

Evening dresses with shiny fabrics are ideal for evening events with their luminous structures. These designs, which attract all attention with their shiny structures, can be easily used in both weddings and special events .

Which Color Should Be Preferred for Evening Dresses?

When choosing the color of evening dresses, you can choose according to the concept, venue and person. Colors are an important element in the selection as they reflect the spirit of the concept.

When choosing the color of evening dresses, it is useful to pay attention to its compatibility with your skin tone. Instead of colors that will make you look paler, you can choose colors that make you look more pale, based on your past experiences.

Blue Evening Dress

Blue evening dress models are generally an elegant and sophisticated option. Different shades of blue can suit every skin color and provide you with a stylish look at various events.

While light blue tones create a romantic atmosphere, dark blue tones give a more formal and elegant feeling. The cut and style you choose may vary depending on the type of event and your personal style. You can get a great look by completing the blue evening dress with appropriate accessories.

Black Evening Dress

Black evening dress models stand out as a classic and stylish choice. The nobility and elegance of black makes it a perfect option for evening events and special occasions. Black color suits different body types and can also be easily combined with various accessories. You can choose long or short, simple or detailed designs according to your preference. You can achieve a sophisticated look by complementing your black evening dress with accessories such as a matching necklace, earrings, clutch bag or shoes.

Midnight Blue Dress

Midnight blue dresses are a popular option that combines elegance and sophistication. Midnight blue is a dark shade of blue and is generally preferred for night events. This color attracts attention with its depth and elegance.

Green Evening Dress

Green evening dress models are an option that gives a feeling of vitality and freshness. Different shades of green can match different skin colors and help you create a variety of styles for different events.

White Evening Dress

White evening dress models; It is a pure, elegant and sophisticated option. The purity and cleanliness of white color is preferred especially at special events and in the summer season. White evening dresses are generally popular at events such as engagements, engagements, graduation ceremonies and special invitations.

White evening dresses offer a great way to reflect elegance and elegance. They can be found in different cuts and styles. You can choose from long or short, simple or detailed, fitted or wider cuts.

Red Evening Dress

Red evening dress models; It is a bold, striking and eye-catching option. The color red represents passion, energy and self-confidence. Red evening dresses are often worn at special events and occasions and usually allow you to make an unforgettable impression.

Red evening dresses can be found in different shades and cuts. You can choose from shades such as bright red, burgundy, and wine color. You can choose the cut, style and length of the dress to suit the event and your personal style. You can choose accessories such as gold, silver or black to complement the red evening dress. Shiny jewelry, a clutch bag and matching shoes can help emphasize the power and elegance of your red dress.

Evening Dress Prices

Evening dress prices; It varies depending on the fabric and design used. Especially since specially designed evening dresses are designed according to the person's body measurements, their prices may sometimes be higher than other models. In general, evening dress prices vary depending on both the fabric and whether it is a new season or not.

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