2023 Wedding Dress Trends

2023 Gelinlik Trendleri

With the introduction of different trends into our lives every year, wedding dress trends can also differ from year to year. In this process, where you can start off by discovering your body proportion, you can also experience the model that fits you the most by taking a look at the new season trends.

While some models take their place on trend lists every year, in some years we come across unusual models and we like them very much. This year, we will bring both the familiar and extraordinary models into our lives, and we will see what trends await us in the coming years.

At the beginning of 2023's wedding dress models, low-shouldered, transparent details, glittering, thin straps and V-neck wedding dresses are coming. In addition, asymmetrical details on the chest and deep V-neck wedding dresses attract a lot of attention. Stand-up collar wedding dresses are also among the attractive wedding dresses of this year.

Although trends are changing so fast, classic models sometimes remain constant and can keep up with the times with small details. However, when choosing your dream wedding dress, do not forget to act with the ideas of expert wedding dress consultants and by listening to your own taste!

Highlights in 2023 Wedding Dress Trends

  • Off Shoulder Wedding Dresses
  • Transparent Wedding Dresses
  • Sparkly and Stoned Wedding Dresses
  • bridal gowns with thin straps
  • Strapless Wedding Dresses
  • Helen Wedding Dresses
  • V Neck Wedding Dresses
  • asymmetrical wedding dresses
  • mini wedding dresses
  • Standing Neck Wedding Dresses

Off Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Low-shouldered wedding dresses, which are one of the most ideal models for brides with narrow shoulder sizes, will show narrow shoulders wider than they are, and provide a more ostentatious stance. Other brides who should experience this model are people with pear body type. Brides with narrow shoulders and wide hips can also reveal their narrow shoulders with a low shoulder detail. Brides with different body types can also use it, but it will suit people with narrow shoulders more. However, if your shoulder measurements are athletic and wide, it may be a better choice to stay away from such low shoulder details. Wedding dresses with band straps can provide a more elegant look for you.

When using the low shoulder detail, especially the flying tulle and lace can suit this model very well. Drop shoulders, which are frequently seen in Helen wedding dresses, are especially suitable for Helen brides with their flying style. Half sleeve or long sleeve, low shoulder models can be evaluated according to the season in which the wedding dress is worn.

NS Sposa Off Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Transparent Wedding Dresses

Transparent wedding dress models, which are frequently preferred especially for those who want to make assertive choices, appear frequently this year. Transparent details, which you can choose in plain or dynamic wedding dresses, can add a unique atmosphere to the stance of the wedding dress.

Transparent details appear mainly on the waist and chest in 2023.

If it is used on the waist, a very nice appearance can arise, especially on thin-waisted people, if it is used on a deep décolleté, small-breasted brides may prefer it. In addition to these, the transparent arm detail, which is an indispensable detail every year, is also among the trends this year.

NS Sposa Transparent Wedding Dress Models

Sparkly and Stoned Wedding Dresses

Another of the indispensable details of the wedding dress trends of 2023 is sparkles and tiny stones.

This year, the tiny sparkles and stones that adorn the skirts of the wedding dresses and sometimes the whole wedding dress add an incredible atmosphere to the plain designs. Stony and glittering details that sometimes adapt to tulle and sometimes to satin

NS Sposa Sparkly and Stone Bridal Dresses

Thin Strap Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses with thin straps, which provide a very pleasant appearance, especially for people with proportional and thin shoulder structure, are predominantly seen in Helen models. Thin straps with stone and glitter transitions stand out among the highlights in the 2023 season. While the thin straps suit A-cut flight designs very well, they also provide a very cool look in princess and fish models. As an accessory tip that suits thin strap models, we can talk about gloves that extend up to the elbow. Adding an extra romantic atmosphere to the elegant look of the thin strap, these gloves will undoubtedly present a very nice and elegant look.

NS Sposa Thin Strap Wedding Dress Models

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Strapless wedding dresses, which are indispensable for almost every season, appear frequently in the 2023 wedding dress season. Strapless designs, which offer a great look on narrow and proportional shoulders, are a very good choice, especially for people with narrow shoulders compared to their body, to make their shoulders more prominent. One of the most popular strapless models this season is the asymmetric strapless models. If you prefer movement in the upper body of the wedding dress, you can get an extremely cool look with an asymmetrical strapless wedding dress.

A tip we would also recommend to those who would prefer strapless models is the glove models that extend up to the elbow. Long gloves add a very romantic atmosphere and complement the feeling of space in the upper body, which is given by the strapless cut.

NS Sposa Strapless Wedding Dress Models

Deep Decollete Wedding Dresses

V-neck wedding dresses, one of the best of this season, are one of the most popular models of 2023. Especially deep V-neck models provide a cool image for people with small breasts. People whose breasts are larger than their hips can also achieve a more minimal and cool look by choosing V-neck models rather than covering the decollete part.

NS Sposa Deep Decollete Wedding Dress Models

Helen Wedding Dresses

Helen wedding gowns, which have been frequently preferred with their flying flight styles recently, are quite ideal especially in the spring and summer seasons. These models with straight or A-cut skirts; It can be designed in different styles as thin straps, strapless or low sleeves.

NS Sposa Helen Wedding Dress Models

asymmetrical wedding dresses

Bringing a unique breath to the wedding dress trends of 2023, asymmetrical wedding dresses provide incredible detail beauty. Especially the asymmetrical transitions in the upper body give a very cool look. upper body; Brides with wide shoulders and chest and thin leg lengths may prefer asymmetrical transitions in the skirt of the wedding dress. Brides whose upper body is thinner than their lower body can turn to asymmetrical models in the upper body. Of course, since there are many different styles of the asymmetric transition, it is useful to see the models you like one by one, regardless of your body size.

NS Sposa Asymmetrical Wedding Dress Models

mini wedding dresses

Although mini bridal gowns appear especially in after-party entertainment, they can now be used alone in weddings and weddings. In particular, mini wedding dresses with removable skirts can be preferred both in wedding and wedding ceremonies and in after-party celebrations. Especially long and thin-legged brides look very nice minis, shorter leg-length brides can be preferred with high heels. Also short in front and long in back; Models whose skirt can only be added from the back are also among the most trendy.

NS Sposa Mini Wedding Dress Models

Guipure Wedding Dresses

Especially preferred in the winter season, the heavily guipure wedding dresses offer a unique look when combined with tulle and transparent details. Guipure designs that suit every model wedding dress provide a great stance, especially in models with french lace.

NS Sposa Guipure Wedding Dress Models

To examine the NS Sposa 2023-2024 season wedding dress models in detail, you can visit our Istanbul, Adana and Izmir showrooms by making an appointment and choose your wedding dress that reflects your style.

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