What are the Fabric Types Used in Evening Dresses?

Abiye Elbiselerde Kullanılan Kumaş Çeşitleri Nelerdir ?

When designing evening dresses, different fabric types are used, sometimes depending on the design and sometimes due to different factors. Silk, satin, chiffon or a different kind of fabric is chosen after the elements that the designer has taken into account. In some dresses, various fabric types can come together in the same design. Of course, it should not be forgotten that there are different factors in the selection of these fabrics for design.

Let's examine some types of fabrics used in evening dresses and talk about their structures.


Silk fabric is formed by processing the fibers obtained by forming the cocoons of silkworms into yarn. We can say that the most important features of silk fabric are that they are soft and slippery. Their comfortable structure comes from their features of keeping warm in winter and cold in summer. Evening dresses made with this fabric, which is very difficult to obtain, can be a little more expensive in terms of price. This fabric, which is very popular due to its comfortable and soft structure, also has unreal ones in the market, so it is necessary to be careful when choosing. It is useful to look at the brightness level when separating real silk and fake silk. Pure silk fabric is very difficult to wrinkle, and also the warmth is felt when the hand is rubbed. This feature, which is not found in the synthetic fabric, is due to the naturalness of the silk fabric. The reason why silk, which is frequently used in different areas with its shiny and slippery structure, is also indispensable for evening dresses is that it is shiny and slippery. At the same time, its cool structure that does not sweat at the invitations causes it to attract a lot of attention.

Satin Fabric

Satin, a type of fabric used as a sign of wealth in ancient times, is an indispensable element in evening dresses and evening dresses today. The most striking feature of satin, which is shiny, has a soft, slippery and smooth texture when touched. When we look technically, we see that the woven weave is distributed without touching each other, unlike the other basic weaves.

This knitting structure requires at least 5 different movements in order for the connections to disperse without touching each other. From here, we can understand how special satin is. Satin, which offers a very pleasant and bright appearance in evening dresses, is generally preferred as silk, because of the sweat-proof, soft and slippery structure of silk. In addition, the fact that the knitting in satin fabric is made of dense threads makes it long-lasting and durable.

Although satin fabrics have a thin structure, they never show through due to their opaqueness. However, thicker ones are generally preferred as thin ones make it harder to stay straight. It can be used easily in summer and winter seasons as it does not sweat. Dark-colored dresses made of this fabric provide a more fit appearance, while lighter-colored satins can slightly show the excesses on the body. However, there may be differences from design to design.

Velvet cloth

Another important fabric type that plays a role in the design of evening dresses and evening dresses is undoubtedly velvet fabric. Velvet fabrics, which are frequently used in the selection of nightwear, especially in winter, stand out with their appeal to all age groups. They are often produced in different patterns and colors, so they are among the trends every season. Cleaning is also very easy. Cotton velvet fabrics are generally cheaper than original velvet fabrics. Cotton is beneficial for skin health.

If velvets, whose texture is very soft, shiny and voluminous, are used as silk, their prices may increase even more. Another important feature of velvet fabrics, which add a modern and stylish atmosphere to evening dresses and evening dresses, is that they are long-lasting thanks to their durable and non-wearing structures. Velvet, which is preferred especially in evening dresses used in the winter season to keep warm due to its thick structure, can make you sweat due to the density and thickness in its structure. Therefore, it is more common in winter evening dresses than summer dresses.


Lace fabric, which is a close friend of evening dresses and evening dresses, offers a very pleasant and elegant appearance in designs. Lace, which plays a very active role in the production of wedding dresses, is also quite common in evening dress designs. While the designed evening dress is sometimes all made of lace, sometimes only a part of it can be made of lace, depending on preference. Lace, which is very suitable for different clothing styles, can keep up with almost any fabric. However, we can say that it accompanies evening dresses and evening dresses very well due to the stylish appearance it offers. While the after-party and wedding dresses, especially designed with the addition of white lace, attract a lot of attention, the evening dresses in different colors and patterns attract attention with their pleasant appearance.

Although lace is very elegant and stylish in appearance, it is necessary to be very careful in its use, it has a delicate texture due to its structure. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extra attention not to snag somewhere, especially in clothes that are used heavily.

Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta fabric has a wide scale in terms of both color and structure. This type of fabric, which has many types; They are available in different features such as thin, thick, matte, glossy, silvery.

Some taffeta fabrics are made from semi-synthetic materials such as cuprammonium rayon, but this fabric is easier to find as polyester. The reason is that the production process is quite different from silk, since polyester is a completely synthetic textile fiber.

Taffeta fabric is mainly used in evening dresses, evening dresses and wedding dresses. For this reason, it appears much more in special day designs and luxury clothing. One of the reasons it is not very popular for everyday use is that it is relatively prone to damage or wear. The dresses in which taffeta fabric is used have a remarkable and very pleasant appearance. That's why you can often encounter them in dresses worn on invitations and special occasions.

Since it is a natural fabric, it neither sweats nor breathes during use.

Chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric is mainly preferred in wedding dresses, evening dresses designed for special occasions, engagement and graduation dresses. It is also frequently used in summer dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses and tunics, as well as accessories such as scarves, scarves, shawls and ribbons. It is frequently used in frill, flounce and drape details. Although it is used a lot in products such as curtains and covers in home textiles, it is mostly used in the clothing sector; It is most famous in evening dresses. With its light and thin form, it offers a comfortable use experience especially for summer months.

Having a bright and lively texture is another reason why it is frequently used in evening dresses and evening dresses. Chiffon, which has a flying air because it is made of high twisted yarns, has the feature of holding pleats. This provides a very nice, flying look on dresses. It is also very easy to clean and can be easily cleaned from dirt, but it is necessary to be careful when using it as it is a very delicate fabric. Another disadvantage is that it is suitable for use with a primer due to its translucent texture that allows light to pass through.

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