Stone and Embroidery Trends in Evening Dresses

Abiye Elbiselerde Taş ve İşleme Trendleri

Stone embroidery details, which are very popular in evening dress models, can show themselves in different forms. Stone embroidered evening dress models, which are frequently preferred in short, long and midi length evening dresses, contribute to a much more flamboyant appearance of your dress.

What is the Importance of Stones and Embroidery in Evening Dresses?

Using stone embroidery details in evening dresses helps the dress look much richer and flashier. Additionally, evening dresses with stone fabrics are much less prone to wrinkling.

The Effect of Stone and Embroidery on Evening Dresses

Stone embroidered evening dresses are ideal choices to gain a flashy and stylish look. Stone details make the dress look heavier and richer than it is. Stone models have a wide range and you can choose the model that best suits your style.

Evening Dress Stone Trends 2023

Stone trends in evening dresses may differ every year. Stone embroidery used in evening dresses in 2023 is very common, especially in the upper parts of the dress. You may also frequently encounter stone embroidery covering the entire dress in places. In 2023, stone satin evening dresses and stone tassel evening dress models have become very popular.

Among the stone trends in evening dresses, satin evening dress models with shoulder stones were also frequently used.

Gold stone evening dress models are one of the most popular colors used in the dresses of 2023.

Stone Types and Their Uses

The use of aash in evening dresses can vary depending on the overall style of the design, the color of the dress, and the preferences of the wearer. Let's examine the types of stones frequently used in evening dresses.


Usually high quality and shiny crystals such as Swarovski crystals are used. It can be used by concentrating it on certain areas of the dress or on the skirt part.


Provides a classic and elegant look. Can add pearl details on collar, cuffs or waist.


They are known for being bright and sparkling. It can be used on the entire dress or by embroidering on specific areas.

Stone Lace

Stones are usually embroidered on lace fabric. It can be used as lace details on the top or skirt of the dress.


They are artificial stones with high shine and fire. Can be used as a necklace, earring or on the waist.


Replica diamonds are often used instead of real diamonds. It can be used especially on the neckline or waist part of wedding dresses.

Pearl Beads

Pearl beads are used to give a pearl appearance. It is usually used on the skirt or waist part of the dress.

Stony Quartz

It can be found in different colors and shapes. It can be used to add colorful details by embroidering on certain areas of the dress.

Cristallo Stones

It is known for its color options and brightness. It can be used on any part of the dress.

Network Stone Details

Fine stones can be used by processing them into a network-like structure. These details are usually seen on the top of the dress or on the shoulders.

Color and Shape Options of Stones

Different color and shape options are offered when using evening dress embroidery stones . Let's examine the most popular options among dress embroidery stones .

Colour options

White and Transparent

A classic and elegant option. It is generally preferred in wedding dresses.

Colored Stones can be used in colors that match the dress color. This can liven up and customize the design.

Metallic Colors

Metallic colors such as gold, silver and bronze provide a luxurious look. Pastel Colors: Pastel colors such as soft pink, blue or lavender tones add a romantic atmosphere.

Contrasting colors

Emphasis can be made by using bold colors that are different from the main color of the dress.

Shape Options


A classic and common choice. It is often seen in pearls and crystals.


Provides a modern look. It is generally used in metallic stones or sharp-edged designs.


An elegant and stylish option. It is generally used on large stones and accent points.

Flower or Leaf Shapes

It adds a natural touch to evening dresses. It can be used in pearl or stone lace.

Natural Stones

Cut, shiny stones such as diamonds or zircons create a natural and sparkling effect.

Evening Dress Embroidery Trends 2023

Embroidery details, which are frequently used in evening dresses, are an important factor in determining the look and atmosphere of the dress. Let's examine the embroidery details designed in different colors and patterns.

Notable Machining Trends

Lace Details

Lace has always been a classic and stylish choice. Recently, elegant lace details and embroidery are especially popular.

Stone and Pearl Embroidery

Dense stone or pearl embroidery on any part of the dress adds sparkle and luxury.

Embroidered Tulle

Details embroidered on tulle fabric create a romantic and elegant look. Floral patterned or geometric embroideries are frequently used.

Applike Details

Applique details sewn or glued to the fabric add volume and depth and provide an eye-catching look.

Metallic Processes

Metallic embroidery in gold, silver or copper tones creates a modern and luxurious effect. This is especially popular for night events.

Ruffles and Flounces

Asymmetrical or layered ruffles and flounces add movement and dynamism to the dress.

Tiered Tulle Skirts

Tiered tulle skirts are especially popular with princess-style dresses. Provides a light and dreamy look.

Which Fabrics Should Be Used in Embroidered Evening Dresses?

Fabric types of different colors and shapes are used in embroidered evening dresses. Since fabric selection will be made according to the pattern and shape of the embroidery, it can be determined in advance. Fabric type is important for both aesthetics and comfort. The most commonly used fabrics in embroidered evening dresses are; Lace, silk satin, chiffon, crepe, organza and velvet fabric types.

How to Make Stone and Embroidery Combinations in Evening Dresses?

When making stone and embroidery combinations in evening dresses, details such as color harmony, placement of embroidery details, stone density and use of contrast should be taken into consideration.

How to Care for Stoned and Embroidered Evening Dresses?

The care of stone and embroidered evening dresses may vary from design to design. When cleaning and preserving evening dresses with stone and embroidery details, it is useful to act according to the instructions.

Tips for Long-Lasting Use of Stone and Processing

You can use a few tips to make dresses with stone and embroidery details last longer. First of all, you can keep your dress in the closet by putting it in a breathable cover, this will prevent your dress from being damaged.

Ironing stoned and embroidered clothes is a process that needs to be handled delicately. If the instructions allow, you can turn your dress inside out and iron it at low temperature.

When you need to wash the dress, you can wash it in cold water if the instructions allow, thus minimizing the possibility of color fading and stones dislodging.

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