How to Choose a Wedding Dress Suitable for the Wedding Venue?

Düğün Mekanına Uygun Gelinlik Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır?

The wedding process is a long adventure, starting with the small details and choosing the venue where the ceremony will take place. There are many factors waiting for you, such as the season in which the wedding will take place and the choice of wedding dress according to the decided season. Wedding owners usually organize their organizations indoors or outdoors by looking at seasonal factors or for different reasons. Brides also decide when choosing their wedding dress, taking into account the venue they prefer for the wedding. While making this decision, it will be the healthiest choice to decide according to the type of indoor and outdoor space, taking into account different factors.

Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Dress

Wedding ceremonies to be held outdoors are generally seen as country, poolside, beach or boat weddings. Helen and flight flight models are often preferred at open-air weddings, which are usually held in summer or in the seasons. After choosing the open-air wedding venue in which concept, it is time to choose the appropriate wedding dress for this place.

Some details in the wedding dress model you want to choose can more easily adapt to these places where your wedding will be held.

Country Wedding Bridal Gowns

Country wedding bridal gowns, which are ideal for weddings held in greenery, consist of very pleasant and flying models. Models that can be ideal for choosing a wedding dress for a country wedding come out as light designs that do not consist of very heavy stones. Since these weddings will take place in areas with dense greenery, wedding dress models for rural weddings are also in flight and Helen structure. Low sleeves, thin drawstrings, or strapless; In the skirt part, straight descending, slightly fluffy Helen or half fish models are the most popular among the wedding dress models of the country wedding. In addition, deep slit or mini country wedding dress models will fit well in this environment.

Poolside Wedding Dresses

One of the popular concepts that take place outdoors is poolside weddings. Poolside wedding dresses are not very fluffy, light and flight designs. You can choose short models based on the energy given by the poolside atmosphere, and you can also examine mini designs with articulated skirts. Since weddings in this concept will be in a more intimate atmosphere, it would be more ideal to choose sports-elegant wedding dresses that are not too heavy. When you decide on a simpler and flying wedding dress, with moving parts; You can give a different and bohemian breath to your wedding dress with accessories and hats.

Beach Wedding Bridal Gowns

In beach weddings, which take place mainly in summer, wedding dresses that are suitable for the atmosphere are naturally preferred. Beach wedding wedding dresses consist of light models, as in other wedding concepts that take place outdoors. Rather than heavy, stony and very fluffy models, flight models will be much more pleasant and comfortable. Minis are used quite often when choosing a wedding dress for a beach wedding. The back of the mini wedding dresses, which are short in front and long in the back, can be removed and worn. These dual-use wedding dresses can be very practical for the beach concept. If you prefer a long wedding dress in your beach wedding wedding dress selection, you can choose Helen models or you can look for a straight cut descending wedding dress. One of the models that will stop flying in long models is the models with slits and flat landing. These light beach wedding gowns are; You can color the Helen style with accessories or different jewelry and make it suitable for the concept.

Boat Wedding Wedding Dresses

Boat weddings while cruising on the sea are celebrations with fewer people compared to other concepts. Boat weddings, which take place in a very fun atmosphere and with a friendly atmosphere, can take place mainly in the summer season, and from time to time in the spring and autumn seasons depending on the air temperatures. Boat wedding bridal gowns can be chosen from models that are more mini and closer to the after party style. Bridal gowns that are fluffy and take up a lot of space can get stuck in the boat environment, and in this case, it can disturb the bride the most. In this concept, which naturally takes place with fewer people on the boat, which has a friendly atmosphere; sincere but stylish, cool models can be selected. Bridal gowns with a short front and a removable skirt at the back, or movable wedding gowns with a symmetrical skirt can be chosen. In addition, white dresses with both a wedding dress and a dress stance are very suitable for this concept.

Selection of Wedding Dress Suitable for Indoor Space

Indoor weddings, which can be preferred in every season regardless of the season, show differences according to the place where it takes place. We can say that weddings held in hotels, wedding halls, historical places and restaurants are the most prominent among indoor concepts. Of course, the wedding dress to be preferred for indoor wedding venues that change from concept to concept is also an important factor. Choosing a wedding dress according to the style of these places will adapt to the atmosphere of the environment and your comfort much better.

Hotel Wedding Bridal Gowns

Weddings that take place in the invitation halls of the hotels are usually held in a heavy and elegant atmosphere. They have a more classic style than weddings with a more shabby concept in the open air. Wedding dresses to be worn at hotel weddings may also differ according to the concept of the hotel or the seasons. Hotel wedding bridal gowns can be preferred from fluffy or princess descending skirt models in order to adapt to the classic stance of the hall. Apart from these models, fish or semi-fish models are also very suitable for the hotel concept. Models that reflect the flight style may be a little dull for weddings held at the hotel. However, if we do not generalize about hotels, and if we consider hotels with different concepts, flight or helen models can be evaluated in hotels, of course. However, when it comes to hotel lounge invitation, our advice is; in favor of heavier, shiny or stone models. Especially classical style crowns are very suitable for weddings held in hotels.

Wedding Hall Wedding Dresses

One of the most popular indoor wedding concepts is undoubtedly the ones in the wedding hall. Weddings that take place in wedding halls can also take place in any season, as in hotel weddings, without being affected by the seasons. But again, the season in which the wedding hall concept is most common is winter. Wedding hall bridal gowns may differ according to seasonal conditions and the concept of the hall. Since it is a living room concept, fluffy and princess models come to the fore more than Helen models. Especially those who like heavy stance with stones, pearls and sparkly wedding dresses can experience these models with peace of mind if they plan to have a wedding in the wedding hall.

Historical Venue Wedding Bridal Gowns

Historical venue weddings, which have a very cool and prestigious stance among indoor weddings, are very popular in all seasons, regardless of summer or winter. These places, which usually have indoor and outdoor areas, are often preferred because of the atmosphere they carry. Historical places, which are usually seen as mansions or waterfront mansions, stand out as the most popular of this concept. Wedding dresses worn in weddings held in historical places of this style can be considered in a broad category. Historical venue wedding bridal gowns can be examined on a wide scale according to the season or the concept of the place. Helen and flight flight models in summer can also be identified with the historical style of these places, although it is a closed and classical place. In addition, fluffy, classic and princess models are also very suitable for such places. It is up to you to shape the wedding dress you choose according to the atmosphere and the design of the place.

Restaurant Wedding Bridal Gowns

Restaurant weddings, which have fewer guests among indoor weddings and have a smaller concept, are usually the organizations that are held with the main relatives of the wedding owners. Since it is inside the restaurant rather than the living room, it is generally known as more understated, simple and elegant concepts. Restaurant wedding gowns can be straight cut designs rather than puffy or princess models. If you don't want a very straight cut, Helen models with less puffiness can also be suitable for this concept. Depending on the bride's preference, mini wedding dresses can also adapt to the restaurant environment. Even white dresses, which capture the bridal atmosphere but fall under the dress category, are among the ideal choices for restaurant weddings. At this point, the size and concept of the restaurant plays a big role. Bridal gowns that show themselves in large restaurant wedding organizations can be used easily. For weddings with a smaller concept, flatter designs that integrate with the calmness of the environment can be looked at.

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