What is a veil? What are the Bridal Veil Models?

Duvak Nedir? Gelin Duvağı Modelleri Nelerdir?

What is a veil?

After the wedding dress selection, there are some details and accessories that complete the selected wedding dress, the most important of which is the veil. White veil models, designed in different lengths and shapes, reaching short, medium or floor-length, can be chosen according to the design of the wedding dress. In order to choose the right bridal veil , first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its harmony with the wedding dress, your body lines and its stance in the place where it will be used.

What are the Veil Types?

Veil types are divided into two as short and long veils. These veil types have sub-categories within themselves. You can choose the model of your veil according to the design of your wedding dress, your body lines and the place where you will use the veil. While the bridal veil is usually white , they can also be in different colors in organizations such as henna night, depending on the concept. While examining veil models, you can decide which design will fit better with which concepts by getting to know these designs better.

Short Veil

Short veil models that extend up to the tip of the finger are divided into categories according to their height and styles. Short veils, which are especially preferred in mini and midi wedding dresses, can also be preferred in long wedding dresses, considering the design of the wedding dress. Intermediate-length veils, especially bridal veil models that extend to the tip of the hand, can also be used with long wedding dresses, while shorter veils can sometimes be used in short and midi-length wedding dresses and sometimes in long wedding dresses according to their design .

Short Veil Models;

  • Mesh Veil
  • Shoulder-Length Veil
  • Elbow Veil
  • Fingertip Veil

Mesh Veil

Cage veils, which are very suitable for long and midi-length wedding dress models with a sophisticated air, are veil models that only cover the face without extending downwards. Lattice veils, which have almost the shortest stance among other veil models , stand out with their vintage appearance.

Cage veils, which offer a very pleasant appearance when complemented with bridal hats and accessories such as flowers, can be combined with different wedding dresses, long or short, as long as they match the designs of the wedding dresses. Cage veils also offer a very useful and cool image in wedding ceremonies.

Shoulder-Length Veil

Shoulder-length veil models, which are generally designed in lengths of up to 50 centimeters, can present a pleasant appearance, especially in wedding dresses that reveal the waist and body lines. Brides who rely on their body lines and highlight them in the wedding dress can complete their wedding dress in this way by choosing shoulder-length veils.

Elbow Veil

Elbow-level veils, which are positioned as an average of sixty-five centimeters in length, show themselves better especially in puffy and princess wedding dresses. These veil designs, which make the wedding dress look cooler, more active and lively, can add a completely different atmosphere to you.

Fingertip Veil

Fingertip veils, which are approximately 90 centimeters in length, are designs that extend from the waist down and offer a very stylish appearance. These veil models show themselves better by suiting the tight and fishy wedding dress models.

Long Veil

Long veil models, designed in different sizes from the head of the body to the floor , differ according to the wedding dress to be used. Long veil models, which are generally used in long wedding dresses, are divided into several categories among themselves.

Long Veil Models;

  • Chapel Veil
  • Cathedral Veil
  • Nun Veil

Chapel Veil

Chapel veil models, which are in the long veil category, present a mysterious and very ostentatious image with the tulle covering the face. Lace embroideries are also frequently used in these designs, which cover the front of the face with an image resembling a veil. Chapel veils are frequently used in both fish and long and straight cut models.

Cathedral Veil

Cathedral veil models, which reach up to three meters in length, are a very interesting and pleasant choice, especially in classical concept weddings held in hotels and historical venues. Cathedral veils, which go very well with fish or half fish wedding dresses, offer both a flashy and a very cool image. These designs, which offer a very stylish image, can start from the back of the head and reach all the way to the ground. Brides who want to use the wedding dress in a more flamboyant way can experience cathedral veil designs.

Nun Veil

The nun's veil models, which wrap the head of the body in a way similar to a shawl, offer a very sophisticated image. In these veil models, the edges of the veil are usually embroidered with lace, and the remaining parts are made of tulle. It is often preferred by brides who want to add a different atmosphere to their wedding dress.

How is the Veil Attached?

Veils, one of the most important parts of the wedding dress, can be used in different ways according to their designs. The veils, which are usually attached to the hair with the help of wire buckles, can sometimes be used by complementing with accessories such as flowers and sometimes hats. Before installing the chosen veil model, there are some details that should be considered. First of all, the hairstyle must be made before the wedding dress is worn, and then the wedding dress must be worn. Wearing a veil without wearing a wedding dress can disrupt both the hair and the stance of the veil. After the wedding dress is put on, after the finishing touches of the hair are completed, you can put the veil on the hair with the help of a hairpin. If there are other accessories to be used with the veil, you can wear them together with the veil, and you can complete the stance of your wedding dress step by step.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Veil?

There are important factors in choosing the veil, which is the complementary and indispensable part of the wedding dress. When choosing a veil, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its harmony with the wedding dress. Since each veil model has a different atmosphere and design, it should definitely match the wedding dress you have chosen before. For example, if you are going to wear a princess wedding dress, it will be more pleasant if you look at the elbow-length veil instead of the cathedral veil models that reach the ground. At the same time, you can also consult the style consultants at the place where you choose your wedding dress, paying attention to its harmony with your body lines. Finally, the venue of your wedding is also very important in choosing a veil. Long veils such as cathedral veils offer a very stylish look in weddings to be held in more elegant and classical venues. Short veil models can be a better option in places with a more spring weather and rural wedding concept .

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