How to Choose Bridal Accessories? What are Bridal Accessories?

Gelin Aksesuarları Nasıl Seçilir? Gelin Aksesuarları Nelerdir?

The accessories used with it are as important as the choice of wedding dress . These accessories may vary depending on the bride's taste and the patterns and cut of the wedding dress model.

What Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing Bridal Accessories?

When choosing bridal accessories , you can first pay attention to the design of your wedding dress model and decide exactly in which areas you will use accessories. After determining the parts of your wedding dress that are suitable for accessories, you can use them in a way that suits your body shape.

When choosing wedding dress accessories, do not forget to choose accessories that will be compatible with the shape of your face and neck.

What are Wedding Dress Accessories?

Wedding dress accessories are additional parts that brides use on their wedding day and are chosen in accordance with the design, style and wedding theme of the wedding dress. When choosing wedding dress accessories, it is important that they reflect the bride's own style and wedding theme. Accessories are used to achieve an elegant and balanced look on the wedding dress.

Here are the uses of wedding dress accessories and some popular wedding dress accessories:

Crown and Tiaras

Crown or tiara are elegant bridal hair accessories worn on the head of the wedding dress. It can be used in accordance with your hairstyle and add a princess-like atmosphere. Bridal hair accessories can be designed to suit different styles and head structures.

Bride's bouquet

The bridal flower should be chosen in colors that match the wedding dress and in harmony with the theme. The bouquet is carried in the bride's hand and is often in the foreground in wedding photographs.


The veil is chosen at a length compatible with the wedding dress and is generally used depending on the hairstyle. A veil can help the bride achieve a mysterious and elegant look.

Bridal Gloves

Bridal gloves are selected in accordance with the wedding dress design and are often used during the wedding ceremony. Long or short, lacy or plain gloves can be preferred.

Belts and Sashes

A belt or sash can be used to emphasize the waist of the wedding dress. These accessories can complete the design by adding an additional detail to the wedding dress.

Bridal Shoes

Shoes that are compatible with the wedding dress and comfortable should be chosen. Although shoes are usually not visible under the wedding dress, they can attract attention during the bridal dance.


Jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings should be chosen in harmony with the wedding dress. Accessories complete the wedding dress and provide an elegant look.

Bridal Bag

A small and stylish bridal bag can be used to carry the bride's personal belongings. The color and design should match the wedding dress.

Where to Find Bridal Accessories?

Bridal accessories are indispensable products of bridal shops. NS Sposa wedding dress accessories are selected to best suit the design you choose and give you the opportunity to rehearse. Our team will support you in your bridal accessory selection process and will assist you in choosing the most suitable accessory for your wedding dress.

What are the Most Popular Bridal Accessories?

We can say that the most popular bridal accessories, especially in recent years, are crowns, veils and other hair accessories. You can have a much more flashy and assertive concept by choosing these pieces that will match your wedding dress model.

The most popular among NS Sposa bridal accessories are specially designed veils and bridal crowns.

You can visit our Istanbul, Adana and Izmir showrooms to discover NS Sposa's bridal accessories with special designs.

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