How to Choose Bridal Shoes?

Gelin Ayakkabısı Seçimi Nasıl Yapılmalıdır?

The most important choice that brides make for themselves during the wedding process is the choice of wedding dress model. Then come elements such as jewelry or shoes that will complete the wedding dress model. Choosing bridal shoes is one of the most important steps to complete the wedding dress.

What About Bridal Shoes?

Bridal shoes are one of the important items that the bride will use personally during the wedding process. Bridal shoes chosen according to the model and length of the wedding dress should be both functional and stylish.

Bridal shoes, which are an important complement to the wedding dress, are generally, almost always, preferred in white. Since brides will be on their feet and moving almost all day, they can choose more functional and comfortable models instead of choosing very high platform heels for their bridal shoes. Bridal shoes can have transitions compatible with the pattern of the wedding dress or can be preferred in solid colors.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Bridal Shoes?

There are the most important factors to consider when choosing bridal shoes. If you take these factors into consideration, you can feel in harmony with your wedding dress or have a much more comfortable wedding ceremony.

Here are some points you should pay attention to when choosing bridal shoes:


Since you will be on your feet constantly throughout the wedding day, it is essential that the shoes fit your feet well and provide comfort all day long.

Heel Height

The height of your shoe heel will affect both your comfort and the length of your wedding dress. Models with lower and wider heels or closer to the ground may be ideal for those who are not used to high heels.

Wedding Dress Style

It is important to choose a shoe that suits the cut of your wedding dress. While high heels may be appropriate for a long and flowing wedding dress, more detailed and decorated shoes may be preferred for short or different cut wedding dresses.

Surface of Space

The ground condition of the place where the wedding will be held determines the choice of shoes. Shoes with flat soles and sturdy heels are more suitable for open air and natural grounds. Personal

Bride's Style

The shoes you choose should be in harmony with your wedding dress and your personal taste. Pearl, lace or stone details can reflect the elegance of your wedding dress.

Color Selection

Apart from the traditional white, different color options such as cream, pink or metallic are also available and have been frequently preferred recently.

Trial Process

Test your shoes for comfort by trying them on at home many times before the wedding and make sure that the shoes fit your feet.

Alternative Shoes

For the wedding day, it is a good option to have a spare pair of shoes for your comfort when you are tired. It is worth remembering that feeling happy and comfortable on your wedding day is more important than anything else, so give priority to these criteria when choosing shoes.

Seasonal Conditions

In summer, breathable, light and lightweight shoes should be chosen. In winter, closed and warm shoes with non-slip soles should be preferred.

Choosing Bridal Shoes According to the Wedding Venue

When choosing bridal shoes, it is necessary to consider the location element as well as factors such as their harmony with the wedding dress. You can choose shoes accordingly by evaluating factors such as whether the venue is open or closed and its floor.

Outdoor Weddings (Countryside, Beach, Garden)


Flat shoes or thick heels are ideal for walking on soft surfaces (grass, sand, etc.). Thin heels can cause sinking into the ground.


Waterproof or easy-to-clean materials should be preferred. Durable materials are ideal for outdoor weddings.


For a natural and romantic look, flowers or rustic elements can be preferred in the details.

Indoor Weddings (Hall, Hotel, Restaurant)


Soles that prevent slipping and provide good grip on hard surfaces are important. Frequency

More sophisticated and stylish shoe models can be preferred. Materials such as satin, silk and shiny stone details are suitable for indoor weddings.


It is easier to move around indoors, so any heel height that the bride feels comfortable with can be chosen. Mixed Spaces (Both Indoor and Outdoor): Flexibility: Flexible shoes suitable for both indoor and outdoor use should be chosen.


Models that can easily adapt to changes in space and are both stylish and comfortable should be the priority choice.

Popular Bridal Shoe Models and Colors 2024

Popular bridal shoe styles and colors are often chosen to match the wedding dress and may vary from year to year. Let's examine the most frequently preferred bridal shoe models and colors.

Classic Stiletto

Stiletto, one of the most popular options among brides, provides an elegant look. It can be preferred in classic white, cream and ivory colors.

Lace Shoes

Shoes with lace details are a perfect match, especially with lace wedding dresses. White and cream tones are common.

Flat Sole Ballerinas

Flat ballet flats, which are a comfortable alternative for brides who will be standing for long periods of time, are preferred in white and pastel colors.

Platform Heels

Platform heels, which offer more support and comfort, are generally preferred by brides in white, silver or gold colors.

Colorful Shoes

Some brides prefer shoes in vibrant colors such as blue, red or pink, as opposed to the traditional white. This choice usually comes down to personal taste or the wedding theme. Embellished Sandals: Ideal especially for summer weddings, embellished sandals can be decorated with details such as pearls, stones or crystals.

Vintage Shoes

Vintage bridal shoes, inspired by old times, are usually decorated with materials such as lace, satin and decorations such as pearls or stones.

These models and colors vary according to the bride's personal tastes and the theme of their wedding. Every bride has the freedom to choose the shoes that best reflect her own style and wedding concept.

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