How to Prepare a Bridal Pack? What Happens?

Gelin Bohçası Nasıl Hazırlanır? Neler Olur?

The bridal bundle is a collection of gifts and items that the bride has prepared to use in her new home when she gets married. The list of bridal bundles , which can contain different items from each other, may vary from time to time, from region to region or from person to person.

What is a Bridal Pack?

The bridal bundle consists of a collection prepared by new brides to take to their new homes. The bridal bundle can contain different types of items such as personal care items, cosmetics and nightgowns. Although the contents of the bridal bundle usually contain standard items, they can be missing or extra from time to time, depending on the preferences of the person.

Why is the Bridal Pack Prepared?

The bridal bundle consists of listing the different items that the bride will use in her new home, which are defined as one of the dowry items. There are more than one important reason for the preparation of the bridal bundle.

Traditions and Customs

According to our traditions and customs, it is very important for the bride to take the bride's bundle to her new home during the time period until the wedding day. Whether or not this custom is fulfilled is up to the individual's choice. Still, most of our country continues this tradition.

Practical Purposes

Another purpose of the bridal bundle, apart from tradition and custom, is to be a very practical idea thanks to the items it contains. The bridal bundle, which contains many items that the bride will need in her new home, is also very necessary in this respect.

Display of Support and Love

Since the family and close relatives contributed to the preparation of the bridal bundle, this collection also strengthens the family and friendship ties. Gestures such as gifts from close ones and ornamental supports further strengthen the bonds.

How to Make a Bridal Pack?

The making of the bridal bundle may differ from time to time, from region to region and from person to person. The making of the bundle is done step by step and has several factors.


Although it may seem easy, it is very important to list the bridal bundle from the very beginning. In this way, the bride will have no trouble remembering what she has bought with the family and what she lacks. The bridal bundle purchase list can be determined according to the priority needs of the bride.

Item Selection

The contents of the bridal bundle are arranged according to the deficiencies by looking at the beginning of the list. The items in the list, which are determined according to the priority needs of the bride, are completed according to the process until the wedding day.


However, it is very important to pack the inside of the bundle as carefully as it is to decorate the outside of the bundle. The contents of the bridal bundle should be carefully prepared and packed with care. It is useful to pack it carefully so that it will not be broken or damaged.

Gifts and Wishes

In addition to what the bride bought, there are also gifts from her relatives in the bridal bundle. These gifts can have notes on them, which is a very important memory for the bride.

What Happens in the Bridal Pack?

The contents of the bridal bundle may differ according to the primary wishes of the bride and the traditions and customs of the families. However, when we look at our culture, some basic contents come to the fore.

Home stuff

Tools such as kitchen utensils that the bride will use in her new home come first. These are among the most basic ingredients of the bridal dowry.


It is a bundle of clothes such as pajamas and dresses that the bride will take to her new home. These consist of gifts from families or pieces chosen by the bride.

Handcrafted Products

Traditional handicrafts such as handicrafts and lace embroidered veils can also be found in the bridal bundle.

Personal Items

Personal care products, jewelry, perfumes and similar personal items can also be included in the bridal bundle.

What Happens in the Groom's Bundle?

The groom's bundle is a package containing the dowry items that the man collects before the wedding. However, it is not as common as the bridal bundle and can vary from society to society, culture to culture. While the groom's pack can be used in some regions and traditions, it is not preferred in some cultures. In preferred customs, some basic items are found in this bundle.

Personal care products

There may be items such as razors, toothbrushes, perfumes that the groom will use in his new home.


There are clothes that the groom can wear during the wedding period and in his daily life.

Home stuff

There are household goods purchased in line with the needs to be used at home.

Who Prepares the Bridal Pack?

Family elders and other close relatives can also contribute to the content of the bridal bundle. The preparation of the bridal bundle can be a traditional event and in some societies it is done in a special ceremony. However, brides and grooms, who prefer a different way instead of tradition, can determine the content of the bridal bundle together and carry out their pre-wedding preparations together. In this case, the bridal bundle can be created more in line with personal preferences and needs.

How to Decorate the Bridal Pack?

The decoration of the bridal bundle differs according to the tastes and customs of the person. Some brides may prefer more ornate bundles, while others tend towards simpler designs. While the packaging is done together with the relatives, some people get support from the companies for decoration.

When Does the Bridal Pack Go?

The bridal bundle is delivered to the bride's home or wedding venue before or on the wedding day. Delivery method and time may vary according to regional customs and family preferences. In some cultures, the bridal bundle is brought to the bride's home before the wedding and presented in a ceremony prepared by family members. In others, it is brought to the wedding venue by the bride on the wedding day and displayed there. The delivery process is usually determined by the preference of the family and the bride, and the bridal bundle is presented at the ceremony held on the wedding day or by the bride during the wedding. This is a flexible process that may vary depending on cultural and family traditions.


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