What is Bride Flower? What are the Bride Flower Varieties?

Gelin Çiçeği Nedir? Gelin Çiçeği Çeşitleri Nelerdir?

Bridal flowers are one of the indispensable accessories that complete your wedding dress. The bridal bouquet carried by the bride adds color to the photo shoot and the bride's walking moment.

What is Bride Flower?

Bridal bouquet is the accessory that the bride keeps until she goes to the wedding venue or wedding ceremony. Bridal flower models may vary from season to season, or artificial flowers can be preferred depending on preference.

What is the Tradition of Throwing Bridal Bouquets?

Bride and groom's flowers can be a very entertaining activity for guests, especially at the end of the wedding. The bride turns around and throws the flower she holds in her hand at the entrance to her single friends at the end of the wedding. According to this tradition, the single person who can hold the bridal flower thrown by the bride while her back is turned will get married as soon as possible.

How to Choose Bride Flower?

When choosing the bridal flower, you must first decide whether artificial or live flowers will be preferred. Then, the compatibility of the bridal flower to be chosen with the wedding dress and the venue where the wedding will take place should be evaluated.

While artificial flowers are generally preferred in indoor weddings, live flowers are used in countryside or beach weddings held outdoors.

Which Flower Should Be Used in Which Season?

Compatibility with the season you are in is among the important factors when choosing wedding and wedding flowers . Especially if you are going to use live bridal flowers, it is a good choice to choose according to the seasons as it offers a much fresher look.

The most preferred bridal flower types vary depending on the season.

The most commonly used flowers in winter are; cyclamen, snowdrop and azalea flowers. Hydrangea, rose, lily and magnolia flowers are often preferred in the summer months. In autumn, medina, orange calendula, and baby's breath are popular. In spring, willow flower, tulip and bay flower are preferred.

What are the Popular Bride Flower Varieties?

The most popular bridal flowers are carnation, calla, orchid and rose, as they can be used easily in all seasons. In addition, tulip bridal bouquet and peony bridal bouquet are among the most frequently used ones.

Tips for Bridal Flower Design

If the bridal bouquet design is to be specially designed, it must be compatible with the wedding dress and concept. Likewise, the ready-made bridal flowers should suit the bride completely.

The size of the bridal bouquet is also an important point. The arrangement and size that best suits the bride's hand structure should be preferred. In this way, the bride will be able to move more easily throughout the day.

Design Your Bridal Flower Yourself

If you have decided to design your own bridal bouquet, it is possible to design the most suitable bouquet with basic materials. You can design your bridal flower by following the basic steps below:

  • When designing your bridal flower, first determine which type of flower you will use. The color of the flower you choose should match your wedding theme.
  • Keep the main materials you need, such as floral foam, wire, ribbon and lace, ready.
  • Clean the stems of your flowers, trim them if necessary, and put them together neatly.
  • Add accessories such as pearls, stones or ribbons to suit your own taste. You can also add different types of flowers if desired.
  • Add a strong binder to hold the bouquet together. Then use accessories such as ribbon to hide this connector.
  • Determine the design of the part where you will hold your flower and enrich it with accessories such as ribbons and lace.

Where are Bridal Flowers Used?

Bridal flowers can also be used in similar areas other than the bride holding them in her hand.

The most popular areas where bridal flowers are used are as follows.

Bride's Request Flowers

Bride asking flowers are the flowers that the girl brings to the family home on the day of the promise when the groom comes to ask for the bride. Request flowers are usually made in large arrangements.

Wedding Table Flower

Wedding table flowers are selected in colors and types according to the concept. These flowers used in the wedding area are the most important accessories that complete the theme.

Bride Car Flower

Although the bridal car flower can be chosen artificial or live depending on preference, it is generally chosen from artificial flowers. Bridal car decoration flowers are also used in other processes of marriage. Especially engagement car decoration flowers are very close to the wedding concept.

While sometimes people do the car decoration process themselves, sometimes they may make an agreement with companies. Bridal car decoration prices may vary depending on the transactions performed.

Bohça Decoration Flower

Types of bohça decoration flowers may vary depending on the bride's tastes. The flowers adorning the bundles in which the bride will keep her dowry and the items she will take to her new home add a very beautiful look to this special day.

Bridal Crown Flowers

Bridal crown flowers are frequently used, especially in events such as countryside weddings and outdoor shoots. Bridal crown flowers are generally preferred with flowing dresses or Helen wedding dresses. Wearing a princess crown flower, which is very popular for brides, is very popular at weddings and outdoor shoots.

What should be considered when choosing bridal flowers?

It is always useful to pay attention to some basic points when choosing bridal flowers. When researching live bridal flower models, it should be compatible with the season in which it will be used, so that it offers a fresher look.

One of the most important points is that the bridal flower is in harmony with the theme and the wedding dress.

How to Preserve Bridal Flowers for a Long Time?

If the bridal flower is to be chosen alive, the healthiest way to preserve it is to obtain it shortly before the wedding. In this way, there will be no problems such as fading or wear.

The longest way to preserve your bridal flower is to add 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of sugar to the water in which your flower is kept. You can ensure the longest possible use by renewing the water with this mixture every 2-3 days.

If you have chosen artificial flowers, it would be a good idea to keep them in a clean and flat area to avoid contamination or tearing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bride Flower

  • Which flower becomes a bridal flower?

Bridal flowers vary from season to season. Bridal flowers that can be used in all seasons are carnation, calla, orchid and rose.

  • Who Buys the Bride's Flower?

Who gets the bridal bouquet may vary depending on different traditions. The groom usually receives the bouquet chosen by the bride.

  • Can Bride Flower Be Stored?

Although the bridal bouquet is thrown into the air and picked up by the person holding it at the end of the wedding, it is usually given back to the bride. The bride can keep it at home according to her own preference.

  • Fresh Bride Flower or Artificial Bride Flower?

While live flowers are frequently preferred in countryside or beach weddings, artificial flowers are generally used in hall weddings.

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