How should wedding dress fabric be chosen?

Gelinlik Kumaş Seçimi Nasıl Olmalıdır?

Wedding dresses are designed in different colors, fabrics and cuts. When choosing a wedding dress fabric , different factors are taken into consideration depending on the design it will be applied to. While choosing your wedding dress model according to the season or place it will be used, you can take the first step by paying attention to its fabric.

What are the Wedding Dress Fabric Types?

The fabric used in making wedding dresses comes in various different types and varieties. According to the design of the wedding dress, the desired model is realized by embroidery and detail work on these fabrics. When designing wedding dress models, it is always beneficial to choose the most ideal fabric for that model.

Lace Wedding Dress Fabric

Lace wedding dresses are one of the ideal choices for brides looking for a sophisticated and romantic look. Lace fabrics appear in different forms, made by hand or machine.

Rather than being used alone, lace is frequently seen in the details of wedding dresses made from different fabrics. This gives the wedding dress a more sophisticated look.

Taffeta Wedding Dress Fabric

Taffeta wedding dress; It has a smooth, flat woven structure. Taffeta fabric, which is indispensable for wedding dress models, is among the fabrics that offer a luxurious look.

Silk Satin Wedding Dress Fabric

Silk satin wedding dresses have a very luxurious and shiny appearance. The shiny and smooth surface of the silk satin fabric makes your wedding dress look much more sophisticated.

Tulle Wedding Dress Fabric

Tulle wedding dress models are frequently preferred for their stylish and elegant appearance.

Silk, which is frequently used in tulle, adds a much higher quality texture to the fabric.

The silk tulle wedding dress has a very romantic and sophisticated look. In addition, tulle is ideal for using in the details of a wedding dress in different fabrics.

Lurex Wedding Dress Fabric

Glitter wedding dress models are frequently preferred as very popular designs. While glittery wedding dress fabric is preferred in many wedding dress designs, it can sometimes be used as a detail only in certain parts of the model.

Ziberlin Wedding Dress Fabric

Wedding dresses designed with Ziberlin fabric are very popular, especially in recent years. Ziberlin fabric wedding dresses, which attract attention with their luxurious and shiny appearance, are very close to American satin in structure. Ziberlin fabric is generally made of silk, but ziberlin fabrics made of synthetic silk are brighter than silk.

Mikado Wedding Dress Fabric

Wedding dresses designed with Mikado fabric are smooth and tough-looking designs. Mikado fabric is often confused with satin. Unlike satin, the striped weaving appearance of Mikado fabric is much more evident.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Dress Fabric

There are many factors to consider when choosing wedding dress fabric. The fabric chosen for wedding dress making is very important so that the wedding dress model reveals itself much more smoothly. In addition, it is necessary to choose the wedding dress model and fabric according to the time and place where the wedding dress will be worn.

Another important factor when choosing wedding dress fabric is your body type. In order to make your body lines look more perfect, it is beneficial to choose the wedding dress designed with the most suitable fabric type for you.

How to Choose Wedding Dress Fabric Suitable for Your Body Measurement?

When choosing a wedding dress according to your body structure and size, you first need to know your own body. Your body lines will become much more elegant and distinct with the type of fabric that best suits you.

You can get help from our style consultants when choosing the wedding dress designed from the fabric that best suits your body type.

How to Choose Fabric According to Wedding Dress Model?

>The harmony of the wedding dress model and fabric is very important. When choosing a wedding dress model, you can choose the most suitable design in line with the guidance of expert style consultants.

How to Choose Wedding Dress Fabric Appropriate for the Season?

One of the most important factors when choosing a wedding dress model suitable for the season is fabric selection. If the fabrics of wedding dresses to be worn in different seasons are determined according to the chosen season, it will be a much more comfortable experience for the bride.

Breathable fabrics such as thin silk and satin can be preferred in spring and summer seasons. In addition, lace and tulle details are also very compatible with these seasons.

In autumn and winter, you can choose thicker fabrics such as taffeta. Additionally, models with long sleeves and tulle transitions are designs that will keep you much warmer in these seasons.

How to Choose Wedding Dress Fabrics According to Venue?

Venue is also among the most important factors when choosing wedding dress fabric. Whether the venue where your wedding dress will be worn is open or closed will help you when choosing your fabric type.

At outdoor weddings, you can move more comfortably and adapt to the atmosphere by choosing fabrics made of silk, satin, lace or tulle.

For indoor weddings, you can choose both lightweight fabrics and heavier and classic fabrics, depending on your wishes. You can choose the classic type of taffeta or American satin fabric, or if you want a lighter fabric, you can also choose comfortable fabrics such as silk satin.

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