Things to Consider While Going to the Wedding Dress Rehearsal

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When going to a wedding dress appointment, you should definitely make an appointment with the brands you have in mind.

How to Make a Wedding Dress Appointment?

Although the wedding dress appointment system varies between wedding dress stores , it can generally be made using similar methods. You can make an appointment with NS Sposa via social media or by calling our showroom where you will make an appointment.

After making your wedding dress appointment, it is very important to be in the showroom on the day of your appointment to avoid missing your appointment. After making an appointment, you have the opportunity to have a free trial for your first appointment. On your second visit, you will be charged a fee. After you choose the wedding dress model, your trial fee is deducted from your wedding dress price. You can contact our showrooms regarding pricing and how many model trial limits you have.

How to Cancel a Wedding Dress Appointment?

To cancel or postpone your wedding dress appointment, simply call our showroom where you made an appointment.

Is there a fee for a wedding dress appointment?

Wedding dress appointments are free for brides who will try them on for the first time, but there is a small fee for brides who want to come for the second time. If the wedding dress is chosen after the second paid appointment, the amount paid is deducted from the wedding dress fee.

How Many Hours Does a Wedding Dress Appointment Take?

Wedding dress appointments from NS Sposa are limited to 1 hour. You have the chance to try an average of 3-4 models in 1 hour tonight.

How Many Times to Go to a Wedding Dress Appointment?

You can make wedding dress appointments from NS Sposa as many times as you want. If you wish, you can create your paid trials for the third time, starting from the second visit. However, in order not to get confused and to make a healthier decision, we recommend that you make a maximum of two appointments and choose the model in these two appointments.

After you choose your wedding dress model for a maximum of two wedding dress appointments, your other visits should be for rehearsals only. During these rehearsals, the wedding dress is designed according to your measurements to fit your body.

How to Do a Wedding Dress Rehearsal?

After the wedding dress model is selected with the wedding dress appointment, it is time for the wedding dress rehearsal stage. The wedding dress model you choose at the wedding dress rehearsal will be modified according to your body measurements. Our designers make markings and pins on the wedding dress model you are wearing. Wedding dress rehearsal consists of two sessions in total. At the end of the second fitting, the wedding dress is delivered.

What kind of underwear should you choose when going to a wedding dress fitting?

It is important to pay attention to the following when choosing underwear for your wedding dress rehearsal:


Be careful to choose underwear that matches the color of your wedding dress. Generally, white, peach or skin-coloured underwear is preferred so that your underwear is not visible from the outside.

Compatible Bra

Be careful to choose a bra that suits your wedding dress model. If you are going to wear a low-shoulder, backless or strapless wedding dress, you may want to consider using bras without a bra or with silicone support.


It's important to be comfortable during the fitting process, so make sure your underwear fits you well and is comfortable.

Seamless Panties

Seamless panties can be preferred to prevent visible lines from forming under the wedding dress. Remember, choosing underwear during the wedding dress rehearsal will help your wedding dress look its best. If necessary, you can also get advice from your bridal consultant or underwear expert.

Who should go to the wedding dress fitting with?

Since the wedding dress rehearsal is a very sensitive meeting, you should choose the people you feel most comfortable with when making this important decision. It would be beneficial to go to your wedding dress fitting with the people who will not interfere with your decisions and who welcome your choices most. Since this day is very important for your wedding, you can go with your closest friends or family to avoid being influenced by different opinions.

Things We Should Take With Us When Going to the Wedding Dress Rehearsal


When trying on a wedding dress, you can bring a pair of shoes that will make you look taller and at the height you plan to wear on the wedding day. Although there are shoes available in showrooms, your own shoes may be more helpful to you so that you can think better when choosing.


You can take the accessories you plan to choose on the wedding day with you and test their compatibility with the wedding dress.


While trying on your wedding dress model, you can take make-up in your favorite tones with you or apply it to your face before you arrive. This way, you can test the compatibility of your wedding dress and make-up tones. 

Hair Accessories

You can take with you the hair accessories you want to use on the wedding day and use them when trying on your wedding dress, so you can make an assumption in your mind.

Notepad and Pen

It will make your job easier to take a notebook and pen with you to take notes or changes made during rehearsal.

You can make an appointment at our Istanbul, Adana and Izmir showrooms to try NS Sposa's unique wedding dress models.

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