How to Clean a Wedding Dress? How Should the Wedding Dress Be Stored?

Gelinlik Temizliği Nasıl Yapılır? Gelinlik Nasıl Saklanmalıdır?

Choosing the right wedding dress is as important as storing it properly. It is very important to keep your wedding dress model correctly, especially if you buy it months before your wedding or wedding ceremony. Additionally, if you are going to keep your wedding dress as a souvenir after the wedding, you should take some important steps into consideration.

How Should the Wedding Dress Be Stored?

A wedding dress is a special outfit that will be preserved for a long time after the wedding. You can follow the steps below to store and preserve your wedding dress for many years.


It is important to send your wedding dress to a professional cleaner after the wedding. Special cleaning procedures should be applied by cleaning experts to prevent stains and dust on the wedding dress from causing long-term permanent damage.

Dry Cleaning Without Air Removal

Avoid plastic bags to store your wedding dress. Plastic bags can prevent the wedding dress from breathing and cause it to yellow over time. Instead, preserve your wedding dress by wrapping it in dry cleaning bags or cotton fabric.

Keep Away from Wet or Humid Environments

Store the wedding dress in a cool, dry place and away from light. Wet or humid environments can lead to mold growth and stains on the wedding dress.

Store Unsewn

It is better to store the wedding dress unsewn on a flat surface rather than keeping it hanging. This prevents possible deformation on the fabric.

Protect from Light

Store the wedding dress in a place away from light. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can change the color of the fabric.

Keep Accessories Separate

Store accessories used with the wedding dress, especially those containing metal or stones, separately without placing them on the wedding dress. This prevents the wedding dress from getting damaged.

Check it at regular intervals

Check the wedding dress at regular intervals to see if there are any stains or deformations. Early intervention can prevent possible damage.

Maintain Dryness

When storing your wedding dress, you can preserve its dryness by adding moisture absorbents or silica gel. This can prevent mold and bad odors from forming.

Following these steps to store and protect your wedding dress for a long time will help you preserve your special outfit in a healthy way that you can pass on to future generations.

How to Clean and Care for Wedding Dresses According to Fabric Type?

The types of fabric used in wedding dresses may differ, so cleaning methods also vary depending on the properties of the fabric. Here are some general guidelines for cleaning wedding dresses based on different fabric types:

Silk Wedding Dress Cleaning

Silk wedding dresses often require professional cleaning. Avoid attempting to clean it yourself, as silk fabrics can be delicate. Professional cleaning services can apply special silk cleaning techniques.

Lace Wedding Dress Cleaning

Lace wedding dresses also usually require professional cleaning. However, you can use a soft brush or a clean cotton cloth to remove light stains immediately. Since lace fabrics are delicate, you should handle them carefully.

Tulle Wedding Dress Cleaning

Tulle wedding dresses are generally not machine washable. For light stains, you can gently wipe with a damp cloth. Professional cleaning should be preferred for heavy stains. Chiffon: Chiffon fabrics are generally delicate and require careful cleaning. Hand washing or professional cleaning using a gentle detergent may be preferred.

Taffeta Wedding Dress Cleaning

Taffeta wedding dresses are generally durable, but it is important to use low temperatures when ironing. In case of stains, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or contact a professional cleaning service.

Satin Wedding Dress Cleaning

Satin wedding dresses can usually be hand washed with a gentle detergent and cold water. However, if it has embellishments, lace or pearls on it, professional cleaning may be a safer option.

Microfiber and Polyester Wedding Dress Cleaning

These fabrics are usually machine washable. However, the instructions on the label should be followed. You can wash at low temperature with a gentle detergent.

Since each wedding dress has different cleaning features, you should definitely take a look at the cleaning instructions on the label of the wedding dress. If your wedding dress has a serious stain or you are concerned about cleaning, using a professional cleaning service is the safest option.

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