What are the Salient Features of Helen Wedding Dresses?

Helen Gelinliklerin Öne Çıkan Özellikleri Nelerdir?

Hellenic wedding dresses refer to wedding dress designs inspired by the Ancient Greek period and featuring an elegant, classic style. These wedding dresses often have features that reflect the recognizable Greek style.

Main Features of Helen Wedding Dresses

Helen wedding dresses are wedding dresses with a design and cut that suits especially the summer and spring seasons. These wedding dress models, which have a flowing and fluid structure, have flexible designs that can be adapted to different styles.

Let's examine the prominent features of Helen wedding dresses.

Simple and Elegant Design

Helen wedding dresses attract attention with their simple and elegant designs. They are mainly designed using fine embroidery, high waist details and light fabrics.

Soft Flowy Fabrics

Soft and fluid fabrics such as silk, chiffon or satin are generally preferred in Hellenic wedding dresses. This gives the wedding dresses a light and relaxed look.

Off Shoulder or One Shoulder

One of the details frequently seen in Hellenic style wedding dresses is off-shoulder or one-shoulder designs. These details add an elegant touch to wedding dresses.

Long Veils and Tiaras

Hellenic wedding dresses are often completed with long veils and crowns in ancient Greek style. These details add a more impressive atmosphere to wedding dresses. Long and Light Skirts: Long, floor-length and slightly flowing skirts are generally preferred in Helen wedding dresses. This gives brides free movement.

Minimal Details

Helen wedding dresses usually attract attention with minimal details. Few but impressive accessories maintain the simplicity of the design.

What Body Type Are Helen Wedding Dresses Suitable For?

Hellenic wedding dresses are generally known for their elegant and fluid designs that suit a variety of body types. However, it may look better on some body types.

Let's examine which body types Helen wedding dresses are more compatible with.

Slim and Tall Body Type

Helen style wedding dresses are especially compatible with a tall and slim body type. High waist details and long skirts emphasize this body type and highlight the elegant flow of the wedding dress.

Pear Type Body

Pear-shaped bodies with broad shoulders, thin waist and narrow hips can achieve a beautiful balance with Helen wedding dresses. Open shoulder designs and high waist details emphasize this type of body.

Body Type from Thin to Thick

Helen wedding dresses beautifully embrace slim and fit body types as well as those with slightly plump lines. Slightly flared skirts and fluid fabrics gently hug the body.

Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass body types with a thin waist and balanced chest and hip width can easily wear Helen wedding dresses. Body-hugging designs and high waist details emphasize natural body lines.

Rectangular Body Type

For rectangular body types with similar shoulder, waist and hip widths, Helen style wedding dresses provide balance with their designs that emphasize the waist. High waist details and elegant drapes add movement to the body.

Helen wedding dresses are generally known for their simple and fluid designs, so they can accommodate many body types. However, each bride-to-be's individual preferences and self-confidence are also important factors. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful when choosing your wedding dress.

What Accessories Can Helen Wedding Dresses Be Used With?

Hellenic wedding dresses are designed with a modern touch, inspired by ancient mythology and classical aesthetics. This style may be ideal for brides-to-be looking for a unique and timeless look. Helen wedding dresses attract attention with their elegant and classic designs.

Various accessories that can be chosen to complement this particular wedding dress style include:

Antique Style Crowns

Antique style crowns compatible with Hellenic style wedding dresses can be preferred. Models in gold or silver tones, with stones and fine embroidery complete this style. Long Veils: Long and flowing veils compatible with Helen wedding dresses can support the elegant atmosphere of the wedding dress. Transparent tulle or elegant lace detailed models can be chosen.

Minimalist Necklaces

Since Helen wedding dresses are generally compatible with simple designs, minimalist necklaces can be preferred. A thin chain and an elegant stone or a small medallion can complete the elegance. Antique

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry reflecting the Hellenic style can match the design of the wedding dress. Simple and elegant necklaces, earrings or bracelets in antique silver or gold tones can support this style.


Elegant and finely embroidered bracelets can be a perfect match for Helen wedding dresses. You can choose from single or multiple bracelets.

Flower Crown

Crowns or headpiece accessories containing natural flower details can provide a romantic and fresh look with Helen wedding dresses.


In harmony with a classic and elegant wedding dress, you can choose an elegant bouquet of flowers in white or light shades. An important point to remember is that accessories should complement the wedding dress and complete the overall look in an understated way. Since Hellenic style wedding dresses generally focus on simplicity and elegance, you can pay attention to these principles when choosing accessories.


Thin strap sandals or flat shoes in accordance with the ancient Greek style can create a great combination with Hellenic wedding dresses.

Gizem Sustam