What Should You Know About Henna Night?

Kına Gecesi ile İlgili Bilinmesi Gerekenler Nelerdir?

Henna night is a very popular event in our tradition, as one of the important parts of the wedding process. In this organization, which takes place shortly before the wedding, the bride and groom's circle come together and henna is prepared for the bride and applied to her hands. Concept dresses are worn according to the bride's choice as a henna night dress .

What is Henna Night?

Henna nights are organizations where the bride comes together with her close friends and relatives to have fun one or a few days before the wedding. Henna night can be done in different concepts according to the bride's preference.

On the henna day, traditional and optionally modern music is enjoyed, and in some parts, henna is applied to the bride's hands. These organizations, which have a very popular place in our culture, are very entertaining for both the bride and groom's relatives.

What Should Be Considered During Henna Night Preparations?

There are important elements in the preparations that begin after the henna night date and concept are determined. In order to best evaluate the process determined by the concept line chosen by the bride, it is useful not to skip some details. Institutions that manage wedding processes also have henna organization packages , you can evaluate these packages.

Henna Supplies and Accessories

Material and accessory choices, which are the cornerstones of the henna organization process, are very critical. These elements chosen according to the determined theme will make the henna night much more colorful.

Henna Night Venue Selection

Decide where you will hold the henna night. For the henna night venues, you can choose between a house, restaurant, wedding hall or a private venue. It is possible to make this place compatible with the concept chosen by the bride.

Henna Night Outfits and Accessories

Henna dresses can be examined in different types, especially bindallı. Most brides wear bindallı and can choose one or a few more dresses. Both the choice of bindallı and the choice of side dress may vary according to the bride's style and concept.

The choice of accessories next to the henna outfit can also vary according to the bride's style and concept. The accessories used in henna nights are usually with stones, tulle and glitter.

Henna Night Music and Entertainment Options

One of the most important elements of the henna night is the henna songs chosen for entertainment. Depending on the bride's preference, traditional or modern music can be chosen or both can be used. For entertainment, a list of henna night songs can be made or traditional elements such as a drummer can be added to it.

Dress Suggestions for Henna Night

When choosing for henna evening dresses, most brides definitely buy a caftan with bindallı first. This dress, which is worn during the henna, is one of the indispensable traditions of our culture. Next to this dress, one or more dresses are preferred depending on the bride's preference.

Another of the main dress preferences worn at henna nights is red dresses. Red dresses, which are concept dresses, can be preferred as fluffy, less fluffy or plain.

Color and Pattern Preference

Henna dress models and colors can be much more variable today than in the past. Today, henna night dresses made in different concepts are offered with different color options.

Dress Model Preference

We can say that the most preferred dress models in henna nights are glittering, tulle, stone and fluffy models. On this day, which is very fun and special for the bride, exaggerated clothes can also look very nice. Since they are worn more simply in weddings, weddings and engagements, glittery dresses at henna nights are a very appropriate choice.

What are the Henna Night Customs?

There are some customs that are routinely performed at henna nights. Although these customs are not applied according to the preference of the person, they are generally applied, albeit partially.

Henna Burning Ceremony

One of the most important rituals of the henna night is the henna burning ritual. Henna is applied to the hands and sometimes feet of the bride-to-be. The henna burning process is usually performed by friends and family members. Meanwhile, the guests sing traditional henna night songs. The color of the henna applied to the bride-to-be's hand during the henna night represents the girl's having children. At the end of the henna night, the bride-to-be cuts the henna and distributes it to the guests.

Henna Night Games and Dances

A drummer is brought in as part of the henna night entertainment. The guests dance halay with the music played by the drummers. This is a traditional henna night activity and increases enthusiasm. This option is still the bride's own choice. The games played can also be chosen according to the bride's traditions and customs.

Henna Night Trends

What are the Modern Henna Night Concepts?

White Henna Concept

Instead of the traditional red, you can choose a white-based concept. A modern atmosphere can be created with white dresses, decorations and accessories.

Vintage Henna Concept

You can think of a henna night concept with antique and vintage details. You can create a nostalgic atmosphere with old-style decorations and accessories.

Bohemian Henna Concept

You can choose a colorful and comfortable concept that reflects the bohemian style. You can create a boho atmosphere with colorful textiles, flowers and natural details.

Minimalist Henna Concept

You may want to organize a henna night with a simple and minimalist approach. You can achieve a modern look with little decoration, clean lines and a simple color palette.

Marine Themed Henna Concept

You can organize a henna night focusing on sea, beach or summer themes. You can create an impressive concept with blue tones, seashells and beach accessories.

Color Themed Henna Concept

You can organize a henna night by focusing on a particular color or color combination. For example, you can create a different atmosphere by using colors such as gold and white, pink and gold.

Retro Henna Concept

You can organize a henna night by focusing on a certain period or retro style. You can create a fun atmosphere with 80's or 90's style decorations and costumes.

What are the Popular Themes for Henna Night?

Although henna night themes are divided into many different categories according to preference, we can consider the most popular ones in our culture recently.

Ottoman Theme

You can combine the henna night with a historical atmosphere by choosing a theme with Ottoman influences. You can decorate within this theme using wood and gold tones, silk fabrics, luxurious details and traditional Ottoman motifs.

Princess Theme

You can choose a theme that will make the bride-to-be feel like a princess. You can create a princess atmosphere with pink or purple tones, pearl details, tiaras and tulle dresses.

India Theme

You can organize an Indian-themed henna night to create a colorful and lively atmosphere. You can create this theme with saree-like dresses, bindals, Indian motifs, colorful fabrics and jewellery.

Forest Theme

If you are thinking of a henna night intertwined with nature, you can choose the forest theme. You can create a natural atmosphere with green tones, tree decorations, natural materials and rustic details.

Fairy Tale Theme

If you want to create a fairy-tale atmosphere, you can organize a fairy-tale-themed henna night. You can design a fun activity with references to fairy tale characters, magic accessories and fairy tale details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Henna Night

When is Henna Night held?

The henna night is usually held one or a few days before the wedding, depending on the bride's and groom's preference.

Where to Have a Short Night?

Henna night can be performed in many different areas, just like weddings. Henna nights are usually held in hotel invitation rooms, wedding halls, historical places or rural areas. However, many different venues can be preferred according to preference.

What are the Dress Models to Wear at the Henna Night?

In henna nights , red henna dress is mostly preferred in addition to the caftan with bindal. However, many color options can be evaluated according to preference. The most popular dress models are fluffy concept dresses.

You can examine NS Sposa's stylish henna dress models in our showrooms in Istanbul, Adana and Izmir or go to the online store.

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