How Should a Cocktail Wedding Be Planned?

Kokteyl Düğün Nasıl Planlanmalıdır?

What is a Cocktail Wedding?

Cocktail weddings are a different concept from traditional weddings, which take place in a more relaxed and social environment than other concepts. These weddings develop around a more shabby and intimate concept, away from heavy classical elements.

How about a Cocktail Wedding?

Unlike other concepts, cocktail weddings have a more intimate and comfortable concept. There are some elements that determine the concept of cocktail weddings, and this takes place within the framework of these decisive features. After you have determined the venue, sub-concept and the number of guests, you will have determined the general theme of your cocktail wedding. While planning the events in this concept, clear information should be given to the guests, because the participants will prepare themselves for the concept by knowing this.

Cocktail weddings can be arranged as well as cocktail weddings depending on preference . In the selection of wedding cocktail organization, wedding or only wedding cocktail events can be offered according to your preference.

Why is Cocktail Wedding Preferred?

Weddings that take place under the theme of cocktails are very advantageous in many ways. The most important reason for preference is that it has both a friendly and very modern atmosphere. You can do the activities you love with your relatives, and you don't have to follow certain patterns.

Who Should Prefer a Cocktail Wedding?

Couples who want to have a wedding in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere prefer a cocktail wedding. People who prefer this wedding concept turn to this concept in order to have a more modern and more intimate environment.

How Should a Cocktail Wedding Concept Be?

Many different factors are taken into account when determining the cocktail wedding concept. After the wedding concept is determined as a cocktail, its sub-concept is also determined and a suitable venue is searched for.

While organizing cocktail-themed weddings, which are different from other weddings and small-scale, food and beverage selection should be made according to the number of guests, and it is important to put the venue in a friendly atmosphere. At the same time, the choice of music should be in accordance with this concept. There should be music that adheres to a certain concept rather than the music preferred in traditional weddings.

How should the music selection be at the cocktail wedding?

Different elements are taken into consideration when choosing music at cocktail weddings. First of all, since there will be music selection according to the atmosphere of the environment, a start can be made by choosing the venue and determining the concept. After choosing the venue according to the concept, it should be decided whether the music will be lighter or more active.

While choosing the music, care should be taken to adapt to the flow of the event. Events with guests must be in harmony with events such as the arrival of the bride and groom. Streaming music makes the night much more enjoyable. In addition, since it will be a much more friendly environment, guests can be asked for parts.

How should the table decoration be at the cocktail wedding?

While starting to decorate the table in cocktail weddings, first of all, the venue and the sub-concepts of the wedding should be considered. The theme of the cocktail and the place are very important here. First of all, it is necessary to decide whether classic tables or bar tables with high chairs will be preferred.

After choosing the table type, you can decide on accessories such as flowers and candles. In a cocktail-themed wedding, it is useful to avoid heavy details and include elegant touches.

Where to Hold a Cocktail-Style Wedding?

Many venues are quite suitable for cocktail weddings with a friendly atmosphere. Depending on the preferences of the people , different cocktail wedding venues can evolve according to the desired concept.

Restaurants and Clubs

Restaurants and clubs are popular and suitable venues for cocktail weddings. These spaces often offer a stylish and modern atmosphere. They can also provide catering service.

Gardens and Open Spaces

Gardens, beaches or patios are a great option for outdoor weddings. They provide natural beauty and a relaxed atmosphere. It is important to plan by paying attention to weather conditions.

City View Places

City-view hotel terraces, restaurants or special event spaces are a nice option, offering a modern atmosphere and city views. T

Historic and Country House Style Locations

Historic buildings can enable couples to have a wedding in a rustic and romantic atmosphere. Cottage-style venues can also offer a natural and intimate wedding experience.

Yacht or Boat

Having a wedding on a yacht or boat by the sea or on the lake can also be an original and unforgettable experience.

Art Galleries or Museums

Art galleries or museums can add originality to your wedding by providing a different atmosphere and background.

Special Event Areas

Special event areas can be arranged according to your special wishes, allowing you to have a fully personalized wedding.

Only Snacks and Beverage Places

Some venues are designed to serve snacks and beverages only. Such venues are ideal for couples who want to have a wedding on a smaller scale and in a relaxed atmosphere.

How is the Cocktail Wedding Menu?

Intense and heavy meal menus are not preferred at cocktail weddings, which are usually held in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The wedding cocktail plate should accommodate light snacks.

What Are Cocktail Wedding Treats?

Wedding cocktail menus can have the concept of cold starters followed by hot snacks. Such light snacks are ideal for this concept.

In beverage selections, as alcoholic; cocktail, wine, beer etc. while it can be preferred, if it is non-alcoholic; coffee, tea, soda etc. soft drinks are preferable.

What Style to Wear at a Cocktail Wedding?

In cocktail weddings, brides may prefer more flying or straight cut and helen wedding dresses rather than heavy wedding dresses. In these weddings, it is useful to choose wedding dresses that are not too fluffy. Even mini or asymmetrical cut wedding dresses are very suitable.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Cocktail Wedding

For cocktail wedding guests evening dresses, lighter and flying models can be preferred rather than the flashy and heavy dresses in traditional weddings. By looking both sporty and stylish, harmony can be achieved with the sincere stance of the environment.

Cocktail Wedding Guest Evening Dresses

What Are the Advantages of Cocktail Wedding?

More Social and Comfortable Environment

Cocktail weddings offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere than traditional weddings. Guests can spend time standing or chatting in comfortable sitting areas, while listening to light music.


Unlike traditional concept weddings, cocktail weddings do not have a strict schedule. Guests can join whenever they want, thus ensuring a smoother flow.

Food and Beverage Options

Cocktail weddings offer a variety of snacks and drinks rather than a fixed menu. In this way, different and various tastes can be experienced.

Being Economical

It is generally considered a more economical option as they are smaller organizations than traditional weddings. Although budgets vary according to the person, they have a high potential to save on space, food and other costs.

More Interaction with Guests

Since this wedding concept is in a smaller and intimate atmosphere, the bride and groom have more opportunity to interact with the guests. It can also create a closer and warmer bond between guests.

Interactive Activities

Cocktail weddings offer guests the opportunity to include fun activities and games. This can make the wedding more fun and memorable.

Less Stress

These events, which have a smaller concept compared to other weddings, allow the bride and groom to spend the wedding process less stressful.

Cocktail Wedding Advice

While planning cocktail weddings, certain arrangements are made within the framework of the determined concept. The most important thing is to make your plan early. It is beneficial to proceed without ignoring factors such as the choice of location according to the season, the harmony of the concept with the space. The guest list should be determined in advance and the interior and food and beverage lists should be designed accordingly.

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