How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to the Seasons?

Mevsimlere Göre Gelinlik Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır ?

When choosing a wedding dress, different elements are effective in every season. Details and designs change according to seasonal conditions, different styles of wedding dresses come to the fore in every season. While deciding on wedding dresses that are enjoyable to wear in all 4 seasons, there are factors that need to be considered, from weather conditions to the wedding venue. When these factors are taken into consideration, it will be easier to make a choice.

What should be considered when choosing a wedding dress suitable for the seasons?

Wedding dress models, which differ according to the seasons, reflect the spirit of the season as well as the seasonal conditions. As important as the weather conditions are in wedding dress design, it is also among the important factors that it reflects the mood of the season. The place where the wedding dress will be worn also varies according to the seasons, it is useful not to miss the harmony of the atmosphere of the place with the wedding dress. For example, for summer weddings and outdoor shoots, more flighty models keep up with the environment, while princess models and models with more lace sleeves come to the fore in winter weddings.

Let's examine the wedding dress selection tips that we have divided into 4 seasons categories and the designs you can choose.

Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

In these models, which herald the arrival of summer, the vitality and excitement of spring are reflected in the designs. Spring bridesmaid dresses are mainly designed in Helen style. Especially half or low sleeve bohemian models carry the spring spirit very well with their flying flight styles.

However, when choosing a wedding dress in spring, the concept of the place and environment where the wedding dress will be worn is also among the important factors.

If you want to prefer the rural concept as spring has come and flowers are blooming, you can take a look at the cloaked models, balloon or Spanish sleeves, which are in flight even though they do not fully cover the arms, just in case, since summer has not yet arrived. Even if it will be in a closed area, it may be a good choice to take a look at the models whose skirt is more like a princess. If you are going to use it for outdoor shooting, in case of rain, which is a must in spring, you can evaluate the models with skirts that can be removed so that your skirt does not get muddy. Bohemian and long designs as a veil can be a good choice.

NS Sposa`s ideal designs suitable for the spring season

Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

 We can literally call the summer season, when weddings and especially wedding ceremonies are the busiest, the bridal season. Summer wedding dresses are dynamic models that keep both the spring style and the energy of the hot summer season together. Considering the heat of the summer season, lace and tulle embroideries surrounding the arms leave their place to zero sleeves, rope hangers and strapless models.

Although summer wedding dress models appear as flying designs, especially in ceremonies to be held in the open air, you can choose the summer wedding dress models with the upper part of the princess models, which have a heavier stance, as summer wedding dresses. Of course, fish models that look beautiful in all seasons can also be preferred in summer. Models with a henna top and a bohemian style, with six fish descending models offer a very cool look for the summer season. In veil preference, long veils that go down to the floor are a very good choice for summer.

In the summer season, which also offers uniquely beautiful shots for outdoor shoots, you can choose the models that can be taken off and put on the skirt we mentioned in the spring models, and you can reflect 2 different model stances on your photos during the ceremony and outdoor shooting.

NS Sposa`s ideal designs suitable for the summer season

Autumn Bridesmaid Dresses

Autumn wedding dress models, which are preferred in ceremonies at the end of the summer season while leaving the intense heat behind, can be preferred as models with lace or tulle detailed sleeves when the weather is starting to cool. Although we say autumn wedding dresses, you can also choose Helen models that remind summer and spring. However, according to the style of the chosen place, you should also consider whether you would prefer flight, fish or princess models.

In country weddings, which are also very common in autumn, we come across flying autumn wedding dress styles. If you like both Helen and fish, the removable Helen skirts added to the fish model also offer a magnificent look. On the upper body, cloaked, tulle sleeves or balloon sleeve models can be preferred in order to be protected from the slightly cool air in the open area towards the evening. In addition, models with transparent tulle details and long veils reflect the autumn style at the end of summer quite well.

In the ceremonies to be held indoors, the princess models are also very suitable for the autumn style. You can decide on your veil according to the style of your wedding dress, neither too long nor too short.

NS Sposa`s ideal designs suitable for the autumn season

Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Winter wedding dresses to be worn indoors due to the weather conditions of the season can be chosen among the models with tulle or lace sleeves. Bridal dresses for winter weddings can be chosen from heavier and more flamboyant models compared to summer and spring seasons. We can say that especially the tulle transparent details surrounding the upper body, lace on the sleeves and fluffy skirts are the most preferred among winter wedding dress models .

Winter wedding bridal gowns, designed to keep you warm in harsh weather conditions, are a very good choice especially for outdoor shootings in winter. Considering the seasonal conditions, flying wedding gowns can distort the frames in outdoor photos taken in wind and cold weather. Especially princess and fish models are ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooting. As a veil, you can choose short or intermediate length veils that will not cause difficulties in winter weather conditions.

NS Sposa`s ideal designs suitable for the winter season


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