White Dress Trend for Wedding

Nikahta Beyaz Elbise Trendi

It was once a common choice to wear a wedding dress both at the wedding ceremony and at the wedding ceremony. Along with the changing trends, the long and fluffy wedding gowns preferred in wedding ceremonies began to leave their place to simple and elegant white dresses . It is useful to review the dress models that you can choose on this special day according to your body structure.

Some brides prefer to wear their wedding dress both at the wedding and at the wedding, while others choose a more fluffy or flashy model at the wedding and give importance to being simple and elegant at the wedding. Let's not forget the plain dress, if the chosen dress is chosen exactly according to your body proportion and if you complete it with the appropriate accessories, be sure that the sparkle and energy you radiate will be at least as much as at your wedding. First of all, will a wedding take place after your wedding ceremony or will you just wear an elegant white dress without choosing a wedding and wedding dress? It is useful to think about such details. In addition to these, details such as your leg length and shoulder width also play an important role in the dress you choose. Although you will reach a clearer result by trying, let's share the little tips from our experience.

Types of White Dresses to Wear at a Wedding

You can choose according to your body proportion while looking at the elegant white dresses that are preferred instead of wedding dresses at weddings. White dresses, which vary according to each body style, can be seen with options such as mini, midi and long skirt lengths.

Mini Wedding Dresses

People with long and thin legs can have a very stylish appearance by evaluating their measurements with mini wedding dresses . In addition, people who are of medium or short stature and whose legs are thinner than their upper body can also reveal their thin leg lines with mini dresses. Those who like minis that are mobile and offer multiple uses should add a removable back skirt to short designs; They can also take a look at the models that can be short in the front and long in the back.

If your shoulder width is wide, strapless or low-sleeved mini models with thick straps; You can choose models that will make your shoulders look narrower. If your shoulder measurements are narrow; You can make your shoulders more prominent with high neck, strapless or thin strap dresses.

Since your dress will be mini, if you want to get a full look, you can complete your combination with tulle accessories and pearl necklaces.

One Shoulder Mesh Skirt Detailed Dress
Strapless Low Sleeve Satin Dress

Midi Wedding Dresses

Midi wedding dresses, which we refer to as intermediate lengths with neither mini nor maxi stance, are very popular with their stylish stances.

People with curvy body lines, called hourglasses, can use this advantage in mini models that go down as pencils. If your chimney is long and you have straight descending lines, you can also choose fluffy descending midi models to get a lively look. If your legs are shorter than your torso, midi models can make you look shorter than they are. In addition, people who will prefer midi models can achieve a more active and lively appearance at wedding ceremonies with very trendy otrish detailed designs. You can complement the length of the skirt of midi-length dresses with decollete or strapless models.

If your leg length looks even more flat with midi-length dresses, you can also choose high platform heels that you can feel comfortable with.

Lou Mia Short Sleeved Skirt Fitted Wedding Dress
Pearl Embroidered Otrish Engagement Dress

Maxi Length/Long Dresses

Maxi/Long wedding dresses, with high heels, can make petite and mid-length brides look taller than they are. In addition, these designs, which are also very ideal for thin and tall people, have the feature of increasing the existing length even more. People with shorter lengths and rounded lines can provide a longer look for their leg lengths by choosing dress models that extend straight. Mini and midi length dresses, on the other hand, can cause a flatter and shorter look. Long dresses hide the worn heels, which gives a straight and long look. If you have thin and straight legs, mini models with deep slits or a long piece with an insert on the back will also be an ideal choice for this category. Especially if you prefer designs that are close to the wedding dress look, you can experience long satin white dresses.

Valeria Ruffle Skirt Strapless Evening Dress
Roman Pearl Embroidered Strap Slit Engagement Dress

Although we make general comments from our experience, you can make your main choice by trying it on yourself. Sometimes a model that you think will not fit your body form can look surprisingly beautiful on you. You can get support from our style consultants by visiting our showrooms in Adana, Izmir and Istanbul, or you can start to review all the designs on our website.

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