What You Need to Know About Princess Wedding Dresses

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Princess wedding dresses generally attract attention with their elegant and flashy designs. These wedding dresses generally aim to give brides-to-be a princess feeling by offering a fairy-tale and dream-like look.

What are Princess Wedding Dress Models?

Princess wedding dresses are elegant and flashy wedding dresses that resemble princesses and attract attention with their skirts that are generally larger than the waist and their fluffy and wide designs.

Let's examine the main features of princess wedding dresses.

Plenty Skirt

One of the most distinctive features of princess wedding dresses is their wide and voluminous skirts. These skirts are usually made from light and flowing fabrics such as tulle, organza or satin. Fish Model or


Princess wedding dresses generally have a cut that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, known as the A-cut or mermaid model. Additionally, models complemented by fluffy skirts are also frequently preferred.

Lace and Pearl Details

Lace embroidery and pearl details are frequently seen in princess wedding dresses. Elegant lace embroidery, especially on the top or skirt, adds a romantic atmosphere to the wedding dress.

Stoned or Pearl Embroidered Corsets

Some princess wedding dresses have corsets with stones or pearls on the top. These details add a luxurious atmosphere to the wedding dress.

Long Veils

Princess wedding dresses are usually completed with long and magnificent veils. The veil reinforces the fairy-tale look of the wedding dress.

Straz and Feather Details

Some princess wedding dresses are decorated with strass stones or feather details on the upper part. These details add sparkle and a light touch to the wedding dress. Every bride can choose the princess wedding dress model that suits her own style. Princess wedding dresses often symbolize fairytale weddings and magical moments, so they can help brides-to-be realize their dreams.

What Body Types Wear Princess Wedding Dresses?

It is important for brides-to-be who want to wear princess wedding dresses to make choices that suit their body type. Here are general recommendations on which body types princess wedding dresses are more suitable for:

Thin Waist and Wide Hips

Princess wedding dresses usually start with a slim waistline and flare into a wide skirt. This design is ideal for brides-to-be with a thin waist and wide hips, as this type of wedding dress emphasizes the slimness of the waist.

Rectangular Body Type

Princess wedding dresses for rectangular body types can give a more distinctive shape with details such as belts, lace details or flounces added to the waist area. Details that emphasize the waist are more suitable for this body type.

Slim and Tall

Slim and tall brides-to-be can achieve a harmonious look with the long skirt and fluffy design of princess wedding dresses. A long skirt emphasizes height even more.

Oval Body Type

For oval body types, choosing a princess wedding dress with extra emphasis on the waist may be a good choice. This can balance the body, creating a more defined shape.

An important point to remember is that every bride-to-be has a different body type and the most important thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful. When choosing a princess wedding dress, you can find the most suitable one by trying different models and examining the designs you prefer.

What Accessories Are Used with Princess Wedding Dresses?

Princess wedding dresses generally attract attention with their elegant and flashy designs. The princess look can be further emphasized by choosing accessories compatible with this style of wedding dress. Here are some accessory suggestions that can be used with princess wedding dresses:

Crown or Tiaras

One of the accessories that goes best with princess wedding dresses is a crown or tiara. A tiara adorned with elegant stones or pearls completes the princess look.

Long Veils

Long veils compatible with the fluffy princess skirt can increase the magnificence and elegance of the wedding dress. Lace or stone embroidery can also be preferred on the veil.

Lace Gloves

Lace detailed gloves can add a romantic touch to princess wedding dresses. It can increase elegance, especially by balancing fluffy skirts.

Waist Belts

Adding a thin waist belt can emphasize the waistline of your princess wedding dress. Belts with stones or pearls can add elegance to your wedding dress.

Big Stone Necklaces

Flashy and large stone necklaces go well with princess wedding dresses, which usually have high necklines or sweetheart necklines. Such accessories can increase the focus on the wedding dress.

Elegant Earrings

Elegant and long earrings can create a beautiful balance with princess wedding dresses. Earrings with pearl or stone details add a romantic atmosphere.

Floral Headpiece or Hair Jewelry

Floral headpieces or hair jewelry can be used in harmony with princess wedding dresses. These details can reinforce the romantic atmosphere of the wedding dress.


Princess wedding dresses often attract attention with their shoes hidden under their skirts. When choosing shoes, stone or lace models can complement the style of the wedding dress.

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