Tips for Professional Bridal Makeup

Profesyonel Gelin Makyajının Püf Noktaları

Professional Bridal Makeup

Wedding place, wedding dress, shoes etc. you have taken care of many details, but will your make-up really be the right choice? It is useful to remember important details that need attention but are sometimes skipped.

How Should Bridal Makeup Be?

Since it is made by professional make-up artists, it is necessary to pay attention to different elements in bridal make-up, where the most accurate image is obtained. Professional bridal make-up should be done especially by experts in this business, considering the make-up styles recommended for your facial features. You can choose the most beautiful bridal makeup that best suits your face type, based on your style.

Considering the make-up styles that change every year, it is useful to take a look at the bridal make-up trends of 2023 for what will be done this year.

Another factor is where the bridal makeup will be used. It is necessary to pay attention to the environment in which it will be used while making the bridal make-up. First of all, it should be determined whether it will be used in the shooting, wedding or wedding. If the bridal makeup for the shoot is applied as porcelain , a much more efficient result will be obtained. This professional application, which can be done both indoors and outdoors, will support smoother make-up in shots. Since the applications for wedding make-up will be done a few hours before the wedding, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is most permanent. In the applications made for the wedding, if you are going to choose a simple dress, not a wedding dress, you can have a simple bridal makeup application.

How to Make Bridal Makeup?

Bridal make-up, which is a more sensitive subject than daily make-up styles, should be more careful. The reason for this is that the preparations for the bride start in the morning. Since the bride's preparation starts early in the morning with hair and make-up, these two applications must be permanent. Although the make-up made for the noon weddings can be a little more permanent, if the make-up is done in the early hours, extra attention should be paid to the permanence of the evening weddings.

Especially permanent make-up will provide high motivation and energy for the bride throughout the day. When it is the opposite, it may mean a negative day for the bride. Therefore, it is as important as choosing the right make-up for permanence.

Let's examine how to do bridal makeup in order.


The first step before starting makeup is cleaning. Before starting all types of make-up, not just bridal make-up, face cleaning should be done first. Makeup applied to a clean face will both show itself better and offer a smoother appearance.

Applying Base

In order for the bridal make-up to have a much more permanent look and to offer a professional image, it is absolutely necessary to apply a base. After the cleansed face is moisturized, the skin becomes ready for make-up with the base applied.

Eye make-up

Although make-up applications usually start with foundation based on past habits, it would be much more ideal to start from the eye for a cleaner make-up. When eye make-up is applied after the foundation, when products such as eyeshadow and glitter are poured onto the skin, it is necessary to renew the foundation to clean this process, which can cause multi-layer formation on the skin and a distorted appearance. When eye make-up is applied first, the headlights and glitters spilled on the skin can be cleaned beforehand, and then it can be switched to skin make-up starting with foundation.

While making eye makeup, certain but romantic choices can be made. Both natural and remarkable make-up can be made, and false eyelashes can be used depending on the intensity of the make-up.


As we mentioned in eye make-up, foundation application can be done right after eye make-up. First of all, it should not be forgotten that foundation is much more sensitive than other make-up materials when applied to the skin. If your skin type is oily, dry or mixed, you should choose the foundation accordingly so that your skin will look much smoother.

Another important issue in foundation application is to choose the one that suits your skin color. You can determine the tone suitable for your skin color by expert make-up artists, or you can make the right determination yourself. Choosing a foundation that is much lighter or darker than your skin tone will cause color unevenness between your skin and neck. Therefore, you can choose a color that is exactly the same as your skin, or you can provide a bright stance with very light colors.


After applying eyeshadow and foundation, you can equalize the dark circles or color inequalities under your eyes with the help of concealer. Even the color equalizers you apply before the concealer will make the concealer look much brighter and smoother.

After applying your concealer, you can go over it with a clear powder for a smoother look. This process will also prevent glare in photos.

Blush, Contour and Highlighter

After applying your concealer, contour, blush and higlhighter applications follow respectively. When these three processes are applied correctly, an incredibly good change will be observed from the face shape. If you get these applications done correctly by make-up experts, which support your facial features to look more prominent than they are, you can both have a better image during the day and come out much better in photos.


When it comes to lip coloring in bridal makeup, you should make much softer choices. Since your eyes and skin will be very distinctive and remarkable, you can choose your lip color in a more nude color.

In addition, since the wedding dress should not suppress the striking appearance, it is useful to choose a simpler lip color. Dark lip colors can get in the way of your wedding dress or wedding dress.


After you complete all the make-up procedures, it's time to fix one of the most important points. After you have finished all the applications you have applied to your face, you can complete all the steps by squeezing a fixing transparent powder and spray.

The fixing transparent powder and the spray applied afterwards are very important for your make-up to be much more permanent. If your skin does not remove products such as powder, just applying a spray will be sufficient.

How to Make Bridal Makeup According to Face Shape?

Before applying bridal makeup , some factors such as skin type, skin color and face shape are taken into consideration. Face shape also has a very important place among these elements. Before starting make-up, we need to work with a make-up specialist who takes our face shape into account.

Bridal Makeup for Oval Face

The forehead part of people with oval face shape will be wider than the chin part. In order to achieve this proportion, it is useful to use certain make-up techniques. Thanks to the contour, blush and highlighter process applied correctly by make-up experts, your oval facial features become much more prominent.

The most important point you need to pay attention to in the contouring process you apply to your face is that your bronzer and blush tones are suitable for your skin. When you choose the right colors, you can have much more distinctive facial features.

Bridal Makeup for Round Face

If your face length and face width are almost equal, you have a round face type. In this face type, the cheeks are fuller and the cheekbones are indistinct.

Brides with a round face type can achieve a much more distinctive appearance by contouring, eye and lip make-up that shows the facial features. In this type of face shape, especially the chin and cheekbones should be highlighted. Such a contouring style will create a contoured look on your face.

Bridal Makeup for Square Face

In the square face type where the face corners are quite prominent; It has a square forehead, wide cheekbones and a square chin. This face type has an angular stance, which is due to the rather bony shape of the jaw. Square face type can have an oval-like appearance with the right contour technique. For this, you can throw the angular areas into the background with a dark foundation. While doing this, your foundation color should be lighter than your skin tone.

Bridal Makeup for Rectangular Face

The rectangular face type, where the length of the face is wider than the width, has a rather harsh appearance. This type of face can also approach the oval form with contours and the lines can gain a softer appearance. In make-up applied to a rectangular face, all applications should be painted horizontally and horizontally.

In the contour application made for this face type, you should draw attention to the middle part of the face. To create a rounded look, the illuminator needs to be applied on the nose. The blush should stay on the cheekbones without spreading too much.

Bridal Makeup For Heart Face

The heart shape, in which the forehead is wider, the chin is narrower, or the forehead is narrower and the chin is wider, is also known as the inverted triangle type. Since the cheekbones are very prominent in this face type, an oval appearance can be approached with the correct contour application.

In this face type, contouring is done from the forehead to the temples and from the forehead to the cheekbones. For contouring, a 2-tone dark foundation is applied to the end of the nose wings.

In the application of the illuminator, it should be applied horizontally in the middle of the forehead, in the middle of the nose and chin, and under the eyes, from the source of the eye to the finish line of the eye.

How to Make Bridal Makeup Suitable for Eye Color?

The eyes, which are the most important and remarkable part of our face, have a very sensitive place in the make-up. With the right eye make-up, we can easily reveal our eye color and eye shape and make it much more remarkable.

Bridal Makeup for Blue Eye

Blue eyes, which have a very striking appearance even without make-up, gain a much more attractive appearance with the use of the right eyeshadow. Especially blue eyes, which pastel tones suit very well, become much more eye-catching with dark colors.

Since it is a bridal make-up, you can create a steamy and distinctive look by using light gray and black tones.

Bridal Makeup for Green Eyes

Copper, coral, orange, crimson, plum and purple tones are very compatible with the green eye color, which has a much more distinctive appearance if it becomes clear.

In the use of bridal make-up, copper tones can be used in particular; You can also support it with chocolate brown eyeliner or eyeliner. This application will present both a natural and distinctive image.

Bridal Makeup for Brown Eyes

Many colors are suitable for brown eyes, which are quite suitable for make-up. This eye color, which can remove both sparkle and different colors, is like a canvas.

Brown eyes can be integrated with earth tones to make them more attractive and prominent in the application of make-up on the hand. These tones not only make brown eyes lighter, but also draw attention. Again, people with this eye color can apply to the use of tailed eyeliner to highlight their eye structures.

Bridal Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes provide more than one color in eye makeup, because it contains different colors. You can combine different tones when applying make-up to this eye color.

In the use of bridal make-up, it is useful to choose your favorite from golden tones. This tone, which will make your variable eye color more prominent, will support revealing the beauty of your eyes.

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