Things to Consider When Choosing Autumn Evening Dresses and Fashion Trends

Sonbahar Abiye Elbise Seçerken Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler ve Moda Trendleri

The autumn season has a very romantic atmosphere and is one of the periods when fashion is experienced most passionately. Autumn evening dresses consist of models that can be shaped in different colors and designs.

How Should You Choose a Dress in Autumn?

When choosing autumn dresses , you can take certain elements into consideration to get both the right color tones and design.

What Colors Are Suitable for Autumn Evening Dresses?

Autumn evening dress models are generally preferred in earth tone colors. In general, the most preferred colors for autumn dresses are; shades of brown, burgundy and green.

Coffee Tones

Brown tones, which are the most popular tone for autumn evening dresses, are a very good choice for this season. Brown dresses that reflect the tones of autumn will be in harmony with the season and will make you look much more elegant.

Brown tones are wonderful colors that offer a warm, stylish and sophisticated look. Brown can be found in a variety of shades, so choosing the shade that suits you best will depend on your style and skin tone.

Burgundy Shades

Burgundy tones, which are a very popular color in women's autumn dress models, offer both a romantic and elegant look. Burgundy tones are one of the options that can be complemented with dark color accessories such as black and add a very mysterious atmosphere.

Burgundy tones are wonderful colors that add a warm, rich and stylish atmosphere. Burgundy color provides a sophisticated look and can work with many skin tones.

Shades of Green

Green tones, which are frequently preferred in autumn dresses, can be a choice compatible with the exit from summer. You can reflect the rare spirit of the greenery that continues to appear in the yellowing atmosphere of autumn with these models. Especially dark green tones such as emerald color are ideal choices for the autumn season.

Shades of green are stylish and versatile color options associated with the freshness and vitality of nature. Green evening dresses can achieve a magnificent look with the right combinations and details.

Which Fabric Types Should Be Preferred for Autumn Evening Dresses?

Different types of fabrics can be preferred depending on the design of autumn evening dress models. Since autumn months are a period when weather conditions are variable, fabric selection is important when choosing autumn evening dresses. It is useful to choose warm fabrics, especially considering the cooling weather in the evening hours.

Velvet cloth

Velvet dresses are a luxurious and warm fabric that perfectly suits the warm tones of autumn. In addition, it can contribute to the romantic and rich atmosphere of autumn.

Woolen Fabrics

Wool or wool blends provide good protection against autumn cold. These fabrics can offer an elegant look while creating a warm and comfortable feeling.


Since chiffon is a lightweight and elegant fabric, it can be suitable for the mild days of autumn. It can be combined with thick linings to make it more warm.

Knitwear and Knitted Fabrics

Knitwear or knitted fabrics can be a good option against the cool weather of autumn. Especially long-sleeved dresses or knitted maxi dresses can offer a warm and stylish option.


Satin is the symbol of luxury and elegance. This fabric may be an ideal choice for autumn evenings. It can highlight elegance, especially at night parties.


Jersey fabrics can keep you warm on cool autumn days. This fabric provides freedom of movement thanks to its elastane content.

Remember that, in addition to the fabric you choose, the cut, color and details of the dress also affect your elegance. To choose a fall evening dress that suits your personal style and the type of occasion, you can try different fabrics and find the one that best suits your needs.

What are the dress models that can be preferred in autumn evening dresses?

The dress models to be preferred in the autumn season may vary depending on the concept you will attend. Dress models preferred in the autumn season are generally long-cut designs to keep warm.

Autumn wedding dresses generally consist of models with long sleeves and long sleeves. We can also say that long and slit designs are a good choice for autumn. Autumn long dress models according to the possibilities provided by the invitation you will attend; It can be chosen considering whether it is an open or closed space.

Autumn invitation dresses can be not only long but also in different cuts. If it is an indoor event, a short, strapless or strapless dress can also be preferred. This situation is all about how comfortable or good you can feel.

How should accessories be chosen for autumn evening dresses?

Autumn dresses are very suitable models to be complemented with different accessories. Since the autumn season has cold transitions, you can complete your dress with accessories that will keep you warm.


Autumn is the season when the last days of summer are experienced; It is a transition period that can be cool at times and hot at times. Evening dresses you will wear in the autumn season, which can be quite cool, especially at night parties; It is ideal to be complemented with hats.

Cloche Hats

Reflecting the fashion of the 1920s, cloche lines generally harmonize beautifully with simple and elegant evening dresses. Cloche hats with lace details or feather trim can add a special touch.

Lace or Tulle Hats

Elegant hats that reflect the lace or tulle details in evening dresses can also be preferred, especially at vintage or romantic themed events.

Fedora Hats

Large-brimmed fedora hats can be a stylish choice, especially for outdoor events or sunset weddings. It is also a practical option for protection from sunlight.


Another indispensable evening dress accessory for the slightly cool autumn season is, of course, gloves. When choosing evening dress gloves, you can get a much more classy and romantic look by choosing tulle or satin models.

In addition, gloves decorated with stones or pearls can be an eye-catching detail, especially at special events or weddings. When choosing gloves, it is important to make sure that they are compatible with the cut, pattern and style of your dress. Additionally, you can try to complement your evening dress with complementary accessories by paying attention to the combination of gloves and jewelry.

How Should Makeup Selection Be For Autumn Evening Dresses?

In the autumn season when earth tones dominate, it is an ideal choice to choose makeup in these tones or soft colors. Brown tones preferred in autumn will help you harmonize with the season and look much more romantic.

Soft Colors

In the autumn season when calmness and peace prevail, soft colors that will not tire the eyes and reflect the spirit of the season are an ideal choice. You can do eye make-up, especially in light pink or powder tones, and if you want it to be a little more prominent, you can use a burgundy or dark brown lipstick on your lips.

Coffee Tones

When choosing make-up in autumn, we recommend that you do not ignore the brown tones, which are the colors of this season. You can complete your eye makeup with coffee tones with a lipstick of similar tones.

What to Consider When Choosing an Autumn Evening Dress?

When choosing an autumn evening dress model, you can choose according to the weather conditions and atmosphere of the season. Autumn is a season known for its calm and peaceful atmosphere, so you can choose a model that is easy on the eyes but looks classy. If you have a style that likes to attract more attention; You can also choose shiny or stone models.

The most notable autumn evening dress models are; These are designs with long sleeves or long skirts. The evening dress models you will choose in the autumn season; You can complete it with jackets or shawls that match your design.

Autumn Evening Dress Fashion Trends 2023-2024

The most preferred evening dress trend in 2023 was long-sleeved and stoned evening dresses. Considering the cool nature of the season, evening dresses with this design are very warm choices. Again, long evening dresses are expected to be preferred frequently in 2024.

Autumn evening dresses are generally preferred in brown, burgundy or green tones; The reason for this is that they are colors that are in harmony with the romantic spirit of the season.

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