What is a Farmer? How is the Farmer Selection Made?

Tarlatan Nedir? Tarlatan Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır?

What is a Farmer? How to Fold?

Farmer; They are fluffy skirts that are preferred to use the hemline more comfortably, sometimes in wedding dresses and sometimes in long evening dress models. It is also used because of the interest in fluffy models, according to the preferences of the people. There are also different types and sizes of tartan that are used in wedding dresses or dresses . While examining Tarlatan varieties, let's learn about the process from use to folding.

What is a Farmer?

Tarlatan is a petticoat that supports wedding dresses and evening dresses to look fluffy. In addition, it provides ease of use in long designs and prevents situations such as tangling. The largest of the fielders is usually rated on a 1 to 5. Tartans, whose puffiness also increases according to their number, expand from 1 to 5 numbers and their puffiness is determined in this direction. Tartans designed in different forms from each other vary according to the model of the wedding dress or evening dresses they are used in. For example, the cultivars designed for ribs and A-cuts have different features and puffiness.

What Does a Field Farmer Do?

Tarlatan not only makes wedding dresses or evening dresses look fluffy, but also supports the designs to look more aesthetically pleasing and neat. Thanks to the ease of use it provides in skirt lengths, it is frequently used in both wedding dresses and evening dresses. In addition, in designs where the skirt length is quite long, it prevents the wedding dress or evening dress from getting tangled. In short, Tartanlar supports both carrying the designs comfortably and providing a smoother and fluffy appearance.

What are the Farmer Models?

There are different types of field models designed according to the design to be used . In this way, the field model that will be adapted to the preferred wedding dress or evening dress designs is selected and the desired look can be easily achieved. After you decide whether to choose a wedding dress or evening dress model , you can start to explore the field models that can be close to each other in form from time to time. According to your usage area, the types of fabrics can be examined as tulle tulle, silk taffeta, chiffon or wire-wireless fabrics, and the most suitable design can be selected. For example, tulle wedding dresses with less fluffy skirts are used with tulle bridal gowns. Tartan ones such as silk taffeta and chiffon can also be preferred in bridal gowns with less puffiness. In addition, the field models are examined in different categories according to their cuts.

Let's start by examining the mostly used field models according to their segments.

A Cut Farmer

In order for A-cut wedding dress or evening dress models to look more fluffy than they are, they can be selected from the A-cut field suitable for these designs . In addition, fluffy and long A-cut designs provide an easier use with these flattens. The skirt problem can also be minimized thanks to those who wear a cut skirt.

Princess Tarlatan

Especially often used in princess cut wedding dresses , princess field models are an ideal choice to get a more fluffy look and show the design more neatly. Fluffy and short bridal gowns will make princess design wedding dresses look more fluffy and pleasing than they are. The fluffy field varieties in this form can be suitable for princess form designs.

Fish Catcher

When it comes to farmer, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of fluffy wedding dresses or evening dresses, but in fish-shaped designs; It can be used especially in wedding dresses. The use of fish tanners is a very common choice, especially in semi-fish wedding dresses. Brides whose hips are designed as fish and continue like this until the knees and slightly fluffy below the knee can be designed with fish-farming models suitable for this form. When these tarpaulins are worn, designs that are long and fluffy below the knee are prevented from getting stuck on the feet and a more comfortable use can be experienced.

Rib Farmer

Rib bride models, which are tightly wrapped at the top of the wedding dress and are quite fluffy down from the waist, emphasize the thinness of the waist and offer a very wide and wavy appearance at the hem. Worn ribbed bridal gown can make the wedding dress look voluminous and offer a wavy look. At the same time, it also minimizes the tangling of the wedding dress in long and fluffy rib wedding dresses.

Farmers with Farba

The wires used in the field are used to adjust the fluff of the wedding dress, and the more wire is used, the fluffier the wedding dress will be. However, there are different methods used when adjusting the puffiness of the field. The frilly layers in the wedding dress, known as the farbalı tarantan , can make the wedding dress more fluffy. Farbalar is generally used in princess model and similar wedding dresses. In princess wedding dress models, 7-stringed tassels with 7 strings are preferred in cases where the 7-stringed bridal gowns are insufficient from time to time.

How Does the Farmer Fold?

Careful precautions are taken to prevent the wedding dress from being damaged while being transported from one place to another. Another point that is as important as a wedding dress is that the field is carefully preserved while being transported. While the fabric canes can be folded quite easily, it is useful to be careful when folding the wire flakes. The wire tarpaulins should be folded in such a way that they pass into each other, making them flat. In addition, it is very important to carry the wire fields in such a way that they are not damaged, without compressing them too much.

What is used instead of a farmer?

In cases where the field is not preferred, hard tulle placed under the wedding dress is applied. This tulle, which is sewn into the wedding dress, provides a fluffy appearance compared to the wedding dress. This issue can be discussed with the shop or people who designed the wedding dress for sewing hard tulle, which is one of the alternative ways to add fluff to the wedding dress. If it is suitable for the wedding dress model you have chosen, this process can be done.

Where is the farmer sold?

Tarlatan models can often be sold in bridal shops, bridal accessory shops or online boutiques. However, it would be best to choose the field model that suits you best, with the opinions of experts over the store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tarlatan

Will the field be sewn to the wedding dress?

Fixing the field to the wedding dress depends on the person's request. Of course, one of the important points here is whether the design is suitable for this. In every wedding dress design, it may not be sewn from the field to the inside. In these cases, it would be a better choice to wear it separately.

How is the Tarlatan fabric?

Tarlatan fabric differs according to the design of the wedding dress or evening dress it is used in. According to the usage situation; It is produced from fabrics such as satin, chiffon, silk taffeta.

How to wear Tarlatan?

The dressing of the field is very easy and practical. A proper stance is given to the field, which is worn just before the wedding dress is worn. Then the wedding dress is put on and the desired fluffy stance is reached. One of the most important points in this regard is the harmony of the field and the wedding dress.

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