How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type?

Vücut Tipinize Göre Gelinlik Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır?

As in every outfit, choosing a wedding dress suitable for our body type is among the main issues that preoccupy our minds. Although there is a wedding dress model suitable for every body type, it sometimes takes time to make the right choice, because we do not know our body type. Of course, it is wrong to limit the model we like according to our body type and to say 'this is not certain for me', of course, we have a chance to achieve the ideal look with some modifications and maybe additions and removals. However, considering your body proportion, which models provide the best posture according to basic body types, it should not be ignored. Body type may not always be determined clearly, sometimes your body may have a type in the middle of pear and hourglass dimensions, you can observe this by trying it best.

Ideal Wedding Dress Models According to Body Types

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Pear Body Type

People with wide hips and smaller breasts have a pear body type. Since the shoulder area of ​​people with this body type is narrower than the hip area, they may prefer round and boat neck wedding dresses that show this area wider. Also, since those with this body type have small breasts, deep V-neck wedding dresses will also look nice. If people with pear body type want to camouflage the width from the waist to the hip area and look thinner, they can have a slimmer appearance by choosing an A-cut wedding dress model. Especially A-cut Helen wedding dresses can make their hips appear smaller by capturing a very elegant look on pear-shaped bodies.

However, brides-to-be who want to get a curvy look can also choose a fish or half fish skirt cut, so that the hip lines will appear more prominent.

<strong>NS Sposa`s </strong><strong>Wedding Dresses for Pear Body Type</strong>

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Hourglass Body Type

People with hourglass body type have exactly 90-60-90 ideal body lines. These brides-to-be, who have an ideal body proportion, can easily adapt to wedding dresses of different categories and types. Both the chest and hip ratios are compatible, and the waist areas are thin. If you have an hourglass body type, you can carry many wedding dresses in different styles, especially fish wedding dresses. However, the first thing that comes to your mind should be fish or half fish wedding dresses. Even if you have a proportional body proportion, you can choose fluffy, helen, fish, etc., taking into account your height. You can decide on skirt cuts in style.

NS Sposa`s Wedding Dress Models for Hourglass Body Type

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Apple Body Type

In the apple body type, the waist area is thick, the chest is full, the hips are straight and the legs are thin. If you have an apple type body form, you can choose wedding dresses with low-cuts that make your chest area smaller. Closed models such as bike and halter necks can make your upper area appear larger. For this, brides with a calmer top and not covered, decollete would be more ideal rather than intense embroidery. Especially Helen models with slits, thin straps and decollete can offer a flying look. Slightly puffy A-cut helen models can offer a slimmer and elegant stance. At the bottom, you can choose wedding dresses with deep slits that will reveal thin legs.

NS Sposa`s Wedding Dress Models for Apple Body Type

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Rectangular Body Type

People in rectangular body form with straight body lines do not have folds in the chest, waist and hip regions. Shoulders, waist and hips are of equal width, and the waist area is hollow. In this body type, the leg length is long and smooth. The most suitable model for brides with straight body lines is straight cut wedding dresses. Brides who want to show the waist area more curved can prefer wedding dresses with moving details in the waist area.

Open back models can be preferred to create a curved image in the back area, which also offers a thin appearance. This will result in an image that is both moving and curved.

In addition, the deep slit that reveals the long leg length can also suit brides with this body type.

NS Sposa`s Wedding Dress Models Suitable for Rectangular Body Type

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Inverted Triangle Body Type

The most distinctive features of the inverted triangle body type, also called the athletic body type, are broad shoulders, a normal straight waist, long legs and thin hip lines. The body length is shorter than the legs. If brides with this body type want to highlight their shoulders in the upper body, they can choose a strapless or halter neck wedding dress model, and in the lower body, they can choose a princess or A cut.

On the contrary, if they want to hide their broad shoulders, they can make the upper body look more elegant by choosing thick straps and a deep V-neck cut. When the shoulders are hidden, fish or slit models can be preferred, which emphasize the long legs in the skirt.

NS Sposa`s Wedding Dress Models Suitable for Inverted Triangle Body Type

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Wedding Dress Suitable for Body Type?

  • You can discover which wedding dress category your body type is more prone to. Pear, hourglass, apple etc. You can find your own form by searching which type is more suitable among them.
  • Whichever part of your body you find more ideal, you can turn to models that highlight it more. If you have long legs, you can try models with slits, and if your breasts are small, you can try deep V-neck designs.
  • If you have a thin waist and a curved back, you can especially take a look at the open back models.
  • If your shoulders are narrow, you can look for thin rope straps or strapless wedding dresses to show them wider and more prominent.
  • If your bust size is large, it may not be nice to cover your neckline in the wedding dress, this gives a larger and wider image, you can choose a low-cut in the upper body.
  • If you are not tall and have petite body lines, bridal gowns with a helen skirt can make you look taller.
  • At the point where you cannot reach a clear view about your body type, you can shape the main models that you think will suit you in your mind and try the models that you feel will suit you, and discover your body type.
  • While deciding on your body type, you can benefit from the opinions and experiences of experts in wedding dress sales while deciding which type of wedding dress suits your proportions best.
  • If both long and short dresses suit your body proportion, and you have strikingly long legs, you can enjoy the experience of wearing a double wedding dress by choosing from wedding dresses with detachable skirts.
  • If you are looking for models that show both your body curves and fly, you can also choose skirts added on the fish model, there are wedding dresses designed in this way.
  • After making sure that the selected wedding dress is suitable for the body proportion, the suitability of the stance of your wedding dress model should not be ignored in the selection of the veil. A veil should be chosen in accordance with body folds and wedding dress details.

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