What Details Are Foregrounded in Dress Style Wedding Dresses?

Elbise Tarzı Gelinliklerde Hangi Detaylar Ön Plandadır?

Dress wedding dresses are frequently preferred, especially by brides who want a simpler and more elegant look. Bridal dresses are long evening dresses that are more elegant and have simple lines compared to normal wedding dresses.

What are the Salient Features of Dress Style Wedding Dresses?

Dress wedding dress designs are frequently preferred by brides in weddings and wedding events. Especially people looking for simple wedding dresses can choose to wear dresses by turning to designs in this category.

Wedding dresses consist of designs that are not puffy and fall flat. They have a more simple, elegant and modern appearance than normal wedding dress models.

Especially brides who love the bohemian wedding dress style often prefer simple and elegant dresses.

What are the Types of Fabric Used in Dress Style Wedding Dresses?

When choosing wedding dress models, it is possible to encounter models in different fabrics. Since its area of ​​use is wedding dresses, it is beneficial to turn to fabrics that best reflect this concept. Let's examine the most commonly used options when choosing fabric for wedding dresses:

  • One of the most commonly used fabric types in wedding dress models is satin. Since satin is a shiny and rich fabric, it is the option that best reflects the look of the wedding dress. Satin wedding dresses will present both a stylish and elegant look. Especially silk satin fabrics are frequently preferred.
  • Since lace embroidery offers a very romantic look, you can often see it in wedding dresses. Fabrics with a lot of lace are perfect for wedding dress models. Especially French lace, guipure lace and lyon lace are a very common choice.
  • Velvet bridal dresses are ideal for weddings or wedding ceremonies, especially in the winter season. You can easily choose velvet, which is a very warm fabric, for winter weddings.
  • Pure silk fabric is a very luxurious option. Pure silk wedding dress models will present both a rich and elegant look.

Dress Style: What should be the eye-catching cuts in wedding dresses?

The most commonly used and popular cut in wedding dress models is the straight skirt cut or fishtail models. In addition, short bridal dresses are often preferred from time to time, depending on the concept of the wedding or marriage.

In the upper segment, strappy, low or madonna neckline models are quite common.

What distinguishes the wedding dress and dress lines is their much more elegant stance that is not puffy. Wedding dresses consist of models that are not puffy, and rarely very slightly puffy.

What Are the Popular Lace and Embroidery Details in Dress Style Wedding Dresses?

Lace and embroidery details are a very common choice in wedding dresses. Embroidery such as French lace, guipure lace and lyon lace are frequently used in wedding dresses. Beads or tiny stone embroideries are also occasionally featured on wedding dresses.

What are the Different Color Options in Dress Style Wedding Dresses?

Although dress-style wedding dresses are rarely chosen in different colors, cream or white models are generally preferred. Since you want to get an image close to the wedding dress look, you can choose dresses in cream or white, which are the most popular and ideal colors.

What are the hairstyles that go well with a wedding dress?

Wedding dress models consist of much simpler and elegant designs. Therefore, your dress and wedding hair choice may be in the same line and have a much more bohemian style. You can complete your straight or fish cut dress, which is common in dress wedding dresses, with slightly messy tongs, straight blow-dry, messy or ballerina bun hairstyles.

When deciding on the hairstyle that will suit your wedding dress, it is useful to make sure that it is compatible with your face type.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

When choosing a wedding dress model according to your body type , you can start from your previous experiences and choose the cuts that suit you best.

If you are undecided about choosing the wedding dress model that best suits your body type, you can have rehearsals in our showrooms and get support from our expert style consultants.

You can discover the dress models that best reflect NS Sposa's wedding dress style with the ease of online shopping or visit our Istanbul, Adana and Izmir showrooms by making an appointment .

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